Health & WellnessHow Colors Affect Our Moods and Mental Health

How Colors Affect Our Moods and Mental Health

Colors, oh we all love colors, don’t we? What colors are you drawn to? I find myself in a place in life where grey is my constant. But over the last few months, I’ve come to really fall in love with white. I absolutely love how good it feels to wear a white tee. It feels fresh and clean in a way. On days when I wear white, it feels as if I got a blank slate for the day. A new start if I may say so. Colors affect our moods, I’m certain about it. I didn’t think of it as much until 2020.

It’s interesting that colors can affect your moods, your emotions, and mental health. Notice what colors are you surrounded by when you feel a wave of sadness, or you feel energized. Have you noticed how companies use certain colors in their logos to make us feel a certain way? And that a bright yellow dress in a shop instantly lifts up your mood?

So yes it’s true that colors make us feel a certain way, but it’s also going to work differently for each of us. How we perceive a certain color essentially comes down to our subconscious. Say as a child if you had a bad day at school when you wore your favorite pink shirt. You might associate pink with negative feelings. The black color might evoke a sense of darkness for some, but for someone else, it could signify mystery.

Let’s look into what feelings certain colors might bring out in us…

Red – Love, Anger, Passion

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How do you feel when you see a bright red shirt? Or when you’re in a room with a red wall? Red is one of those colors that bring out completely opposite feelings in us. We all see red as the color of love(cue red roses). But we also see red as a danger. Red also makes us think of anger, but at the same time also fuels up passion. It symbolizes strong emotions, strength, power, and courage. But if you think about it, too much red feels visually strenuous. Just like too much power or too much love can feel, well a bit off? So it’s definitely a color that should be used in moderation.

Black – Mystery, Luxury, Bold

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Black brings out the feeling of power in some and simplicity for some. The color also evokes mystery and boldness. In some cultures, black is often seen as the color for sadness and mourning and is associated with death. At the same time, black is also looked upon as the color of neutrality. What is black to you?

White – Pure, Innocent, Fresh

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White is a color that brings forth a feeling of cleanliness and purity. When used in interiors, white gives the illusion of the room being bigger than it actually is. It is the most neutral color from the lot. It makes us feel new, fresh, innocent, almost like a newborn. White for me, always bring clarity and a blank slate.

Grey – Stability, Stillness, Possibility

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Do you think grey is dull? Maybe it could help you to feel calmer and broaden your mind and mood.
Most of us think of grey as a dull color, it’s neither here nor there, right? Grey encourages feelings of authority, possibility, and strength. So if you’re someone who is dealing with anxiety or stress and you have extreme thoughts, grey is your middle ground. It balances our emotions and its neutrality has the power to bring forth stillness. Have you noticed how so many buildings are grey? It is because, grey also signifies a good foundation, strength, and stability.

Yellow – Happiness, Creativity & Well-Being

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Yellow is a color that instantly brightens a place. We feel lighter, brighter, and full of positive energy when we see yellow. It brings forth happiness and makes us feel alive. We are reminded of sunshine when we hear about the color yellow. But like most things, this one too is good in small doses. Too much yellow can bring anxiety and uncertainty. So, a tiny yellow pot on your desk or a yellow cushion on your bed is probably enough in a room to bring in good vibes.

Green – Peace, Refreshing, Growth

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Green instantly makes us think of plants and the gorgeous trees that we are surrounded by. Well, yes, nature makes us feel at peace, doesn’t it? Green manifests feelings of well-being, security, and growth. It’s a calming and relaxing color just like nature. Like the trees that are rooted and grounded, it gives us the feeling of having a stable place and home.

Blue – Calm, Content, Driven

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Blue gives different feelings to different people. Some of us feel calm and collected in blue environments. While some feel like they are having the blues, like feeling melancholia and sadness taking over them. But mostly, when we use a nice light blue color, it brings in us feelings of being calm.

While colors affect our moods and emotions, it is also the tones, the amount in which they are used & our subconscious that determines how it makes us feel. Self-awareness is key when we are trying to gain control over our moods and emotions. Take note of how certain colors make you feel and choose what works best for you.

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