Travel8 Tips on How To Do Travel Photography

8 Tips on How To Do Travel Photography

Travel photography is one of the genres of photography, which involves all information about an area. In this genre photographer tries to express the feeling of a time and place, portrays a land, its people, a culture in its natural state and has no geographical limits.

Photography is a profession with no limits. It is one of the few professions where structured training is not a prerequisite. But how to do travel photography is what concerns most. You can learn photography on your own; you need to explore some settings, camera filters, practice, and improve your skills. It is one of the good careers if you have an excellent skill set.

Travel photography, as a genre, is one of the most open in terms of the subjects it covers. There are no limitations to a photographer, he can explore and capture shots he likes but the same on a travel photographer faces challenges greater than some of the genres where the light and other shootings may control.

For the beginners and fellow enthusiasts, don’t waste any time and let’s get to the work. Shall we?

8 Tips on How To Do Travel Photography

1. The Less You Load, The More You Explore

The Less You Load, The More You Explore
Source: Forbes

Try to take only essential things with you. Travel photography is all about exploring, which means you have to visit new places. So, it is quite tough to carry too many personal things with you.

2. Sunrises And Sunsets Are A Photographer’s Best Friend

Sunrises And Sunsets Are A Photographer’s Best Friend
Source: BorrowLenses

In travel photography, there is no use of extra lighting. But, sunrises and sunsets, and the sky are the most beautiful natural scenes and helps the photographer to get a good shot in natural light. Sunrises and sunsets also give an aesthetic effect that looks amazing.

3. Weather Check Before Starting Your Trip

Weather Check Before Starting Your Trip
Source: Student Life Network Blog

Before starting your trip or even planning your trip, check the weather on the days you will be traveling. If the weather is not good, it will not be beneficial to the photographer and will hardly get any good clicks.

4. Communicate With Locals

Communicate With Locals
Source: DIY Photography

Visit some tea stalls and make connections with locals. They are the ones who know the place inside out; they can give you the best advice. So, while traveling, take the local’s point of view.

5. Explore Unknown Or Less Famous Places

Explore Unknown Or Less Famous Places
Source: Molly Lins Lifestyle

In travel photography, we try to show the best of that place to the audience through the picture stories. If you capture places that are already known to everyone, why someone will like your pictures? Try to visit some unknown places and click unique shots.

6. Tripod

Source: CaptureLandscapes

If you have a DSLR, instead of carrying too many lenses, you can carry a tripod as it helps to keep the camera straight, stable, and well-stacked, getting a perfect shot.

7. Don’t Carry Too Many Camera Accessories

Don't Carry Too Many Camera Accessories
Source: Journey Era

As I already mentioned, only carry the essentials. Try to take just one or two camera lenses with you. It would help if you didn’t burden yourself with too many accessories. 

8. Try To Take A Candid Shot With Your Phone

Try To Take A Candid Shot With Your Phone
Source: MyPostcard Blog

Not every time you need to capture from your DSLR. You can also use your phone camera for good shots. It also helps to click some random candid shots. Especially in public places, candid shots look more natural.

If you are a beginner, start shooting with your phone camera and don’t wait for DSLR. If a photographer knows how to take good shots, the camera doesn’t matter and by travel photography, it doesn’t mean you have to go on a 6 days trip; you can also capture pictures in a normal family day out.

Travel photography helps us to keep that place always in our memories. When we come back from a trip after a few days, we forget the essence of that place but these photos keep those places alive in our memories. Travelling also helps to explore ourselves and learn new things about ourselves. Travel recess and we need it.

Now go and start exploring, practicing, and enhancing your photography skills.

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