Personality DevelopmentImportance of Gratitude And Effortless Ways To Feel So!

Importance of Gratitude And Effortless Ways To Feel So!

Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.

Oprah Winfrey

What is gratitude? What is the importance of gratitude? Can gratitude change people’s lives? Is it just a mere task of saying thank you? No. Gratitude is one of the most powerful feelings in the entire world. It is an inner acceptance and peacefulness towards life and its VERY basic giving.

Sounds philosophical? Well, in simpler words, it is about being more than just ‘okay’ with everything life serves us. The act of gratitude is the pillar of our mind’s happiness. When we learn to weigh our blessings over the things we lack, we begin to acknowledge the best this world offers.

How to be grateful
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A person does not achieve the feeling of gratitude when they materialistically become suffice; they inculcate this entity with practice.

It is hard to look over our flaws and deficiency. It takes time and peace of mind to reach that stage where we cherish what we own and be thankful for it.

Now, why become more grateful? And more importantly, how to?

Importance Of Gratitude:

-The aid that gratefulness provides not only enriches our psychological wellbeing but also makes us physically more robust. Our mental health drastically improves as we begin to love and appreciate little things.

-A scientifically performed experiment says that the rate of longevity is way higher for emotionally appreciative people.

-It unleashes stress and opens doors for a serene mind—our mental poise results in inner felicity and joyfulness.

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-We become more socially available, which results in better relationships and a more vital spirit. We become more empathic, kind, and sensible.

-Our self-esteem gets boosted up, and we become more vigorous, optimistic, and self-reliant. We begin to fight back all the loads with greater vigour.

– Feeling of abundance starts to run through us. And we learn to prioritize more efficiently and practically. We assimilate to focus on things that matter.

We become more positive and therefore enhance our zeal towards life.

Becoming more thankful for life is, indeed, life-changing. It betters you as a person. It makes you a happier and more composed human being. This essential act can convert your life. But how to align this practice as a part of your involuntary self?

 You can gain the power of gratitude by showing it.

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How To Become More Grateful?

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-To be grateful, we must first learn how to embrace ourselves truly and let go of unwanted negativity.

-There are several ways to be more grateful. The most important is to practice kindness by remaining in touch with souls that are not as endowed as you—for example, helping people suffering from poverty, working at a soup kitchen or langar, feeding strays, etc.

-Acknowledge all the people who love you and tell them how thankful you are because of their existence. Spend more time with them. Converse with them.

Before sleeping, every night, mention three things you are thankful for that took place that particular day. Try to keep a ‘gratitude journal’ where you keep mentioning all your gratefulness.

-Learn to see the good in the bad (because every bad has some good). Look past the obstacles and enjoy living.

-Value the little things and assets. For example, appreciating the rain or the puppies learning how to walk, etc.

-Don’t hide your true selves. Relish your attributes. Please don’t live in fear; fight it and then overcome it.

-Walk out of people or things that act as toxicity in your life. Don’t let negativity bother you in any way. Surround yourself with hopeful people and a heartening environment.


Gratitude brings harmony, and there is nothing more important in life than peace. Learn to say thank you and count your graces every time you feel un-enough. There will always be things you want to attain, but don’t become blind to things you have today.

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