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20 Incredible Tattoo Ideas for Your 18th Birthday

Turning 18 is one of the most unforgettable experiences. The excitement is of another level, there goes much planning in making the day perfect and just as remarkable.

So how about getting a tattoo? This is probably something you have already thought about!

20 Incredible Tattoo Ideas for Your 18th Birthday

1. Get a star

 tattoo ideas for your 18th Birthday
Source: MomCanvas

Star is probably the most aesthetic and famous tattoo idea of all. And no one is complaining. It is simple and immensely dinky. You can get it on your collarbone like Sonakshi Sinha or even like Rihanna’s ear star tattoo.

2. Your pet’s heartbeat

Source: Tumblr

One of the sweetest tattoo ideas of all, getting your pet’s heartbeat claimed in the form of a tattoo is an incredible idea. It will stay with you forever.

3. Finger tattoos

 tattoo ideas for your 18th Birthday
Source: Saved Tattoo

Gone are the days when getting a grand tattoo was the only line of style. Today petit finger tattoos are the new thing. From Ariana Grande to Miley Cyrus everyone is going for it. Why not you then?

4. Your loved one(s)’s initials

Source: Wild Tattoo Art

Another sweet thing you can do on your 18th birthday’s tattoo venture. Surprise your loved one(s) with their initials tattooed on your skin. A great gesture, indeed!

5. Small write up

Source: Unsplash

Putting a small and meaningful write-up imprinted on your skin is just what you might need as an idea for your tattoo design.

6. Hill pattern

Source: Body Art Guru

Many love to get mountain patterns tattooed on their ankle. It is sexy and debonair. You can choose the area where you want it; it is just the best thing to get.

7. A small, little sunflower (or your favorite flower)

Source: Pinterest

Choose your pick, Paris Jackson’s ideal sunflower tattoo, or Vanessa Hudgens’s oomph ink? You can have your flower tattooed as well.

8. Your birthdate

Source: Pinterest

What is better to get a tattoo on your 18th birthday than your birth date? It is precisely the cutest little tribute you can give to yourself.

9. The best day of your life (a remarkable day)

Source: Pinterest

Not wanna get your birth date tattooed? Not a worry, get the most remarkable day of your life as a tattoo.

10. Duo tattoos or even a gang tattoo

Source: Body Art Guru

How about something like Pretty Little Liars star cast group tattoo? Make sure you take your best friend (or friends) and get a matching cute tattoo to always remember it.

11. Your spirit animal

Source: Wiki Tattoo

Get something bold and loud like your spirit animal done on your skin. Just like Sushmita Sen’s fierce Tiger!

12. Self-love motivation

Source: Pinterest

Self-love is the best thing in the world. Why be late in making it the next biggest tattoo trend? Say love, say you!

13. Draw your passion

Source: Glamour

Let your dreams, goals, and ambitions be designed as a tattoo. Many dancers get their dancing shoes tattooed; many singers (like Selena Gomez) get notes tattooed. What is your passion?

14. Something in a Foreign language

Source: I Love To Know

Again, a fantastic tattoo idea that is becoming the next big thing. Don’t want to get anything monotonous engraved on your body? Then how about Egyptian? Or Arabic?

15. Something in the classic ancient language

Source: Angel Tattoo Design Studio

Want an even better idea than a foreign language? Your traditional language. Get something valuable and ancient tattooed.

16. A bit colorful

Source: Glamour

Say no to blunt-black ink and go for a colorful design. Amber Rose is just a lowkey colorful tattoo queen. 

17. Your childhood favorites

Source: The Independent

Think of something alluring and special that you used to love while growing up. Think of something quite vital for you. And let this nostalgia be part of your skin.

18. An emoji

Source: Tattoofilter

It is 2022 already! An emoji tattoo is just the best. Get your favorite tattoo done on your skin.

19. A fun design

Source: MakeUseOf

How about something fun and hilarious as a tattoo that makes you laugh every time you look at it. It could also be derived from any real-life experience.

20. Something quite personal

Source: Pinterest

Nothing, and I repeat – nothing, beats this idea. If you are getting something permanent written on your skin, make it personal and emotional.

Remember, getting a tattoo is a very grave and serious decision since it will stay with you for the REST OF YOUR LIFE! Don’t dump yourself into getting it just to be ‘cool’. Give it a thought and then take the step.

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