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Moderation is the sky to contentment

Be it Ramayana, Mahabharata, or the world wars to be more realistic, all have ensued for the lack of moderation. Moderation can serve as the sky to contentment, only if practiced wisely. Real satisfaction lies in the idea of moderation or self-constraint, that is yearning for neither too much nor too little of anything.

Yet, the reality is as it is, no matter how much we reap, it always feels inadequate, and the craving for more and more sees no verge. Practicing self-control and living a moderate life is very important in today’s era. With the craving for more in everything, skimming the sky, we need to start the revolution of feeling satisfied with what we have. Otherwise, history will repeat itself, leading to the destruction of mankind.

Moderation in Relationships

Satisfaction is of foremost importance in any relationship, mostly in cases of romantic partners and friends. Well, in the 21st century, we have gotten into a habit of altering connections as we change our smartphones with an upgrade in technology.

Emotional connections have lost their primacy, and have been replaced by western lineage, even in our Motherland, where culture had ruled for ages. Where some of us suffer because of this, some just enjoy this new lifestyle, being cool about changing partners every month. I mean, definitely, it’s your choice, but then, one doesn’t realize, more often than not, you are hurting the other person, and most importantly, you are not satisfied with what you have. What I witness as the major reason for breakups and divorce is lack of self-constraint, and trust me when I say this, it applies to all genders. Sexual desires have no verge, and often become a reason for the heartbreak.

So all of us need to understand moderation in any relationship is important as a lot of people later regret that they should have practiced self-control at the right juncture, and could have saved themselves from destroying their career as well as a true bond of love or friendship.

Is wealth everything?

All of us are running after materialistic wealth and have completely forgotten, happiness comes from virtuous wealth and not material. Often, while peeking for the best, we realize that real satisfaction lies in attaining just enough in our lives to make it worth living. Definitely the want for more should not be completely truncated as it’s a major driving force in a lot of fields, especially science and technology.

People with a lot of riches and good stature in society are also not satisfied with themselves as they have additional pressure to maintain the same. Wealth may buy you a lot of materialistic stuff, but is that your ultimate happiness? Moderation is a prerequisite after you have amassed enough wealth, otherwise, as much wealth can make you, more than that, it holds the power to destroy you.

Moderation important in various arenas of life

Practicing self-constraint or moderation is equally important in various walks of life, right from relationships and wealth to talking and eating. Well, talking and self-constraint here refers to having control over your tongue as an inappropriate choice of words can make deeper wounds than a harpoon. Similarly, eating and moderation refer to the need to have control over our salivary glands.

One might be wondering how can this moderation serve towards contentment. Well, consuming a proper diet will keep you fit and lively for the upcoming old age. Often in the zeal of youth one intakes a lot of junk food, and our entire senescence may end up in the hospital bed. Because prevention and control are way better than cure and consequences. Thus, while growing up in the 4 stages of life, we need to learn that moderation or a balanced lifestyle is extremely important for a better tomorrow.

Nature fights back!!

History is evidence that nature at times has flaunted its superiority over mankind and clearly warned us that if we waste natural resources, then we’ll have to pay the price someday. In either case of excess or deficit of resources, imbalance occurs, and we face distress as when nature creates havoc due to imbalance, it’s hazardous.

Be it the floods, drought, eruption of volcanoes, or earthquakes, all because we are not satisfied with what we have, and in the search for more we play with nature and its exquisite resources, thus, inviting the wild and infuriating aspect of mother nature.

It’s rightly claimed that to enjoy the abundance of life we have to be moderate!! The real taste of anything lies in satisfaction and self-control as human beings, want for more is our virtue. Thus, we need to adopt moderation to achieve real happiness.

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