Sure Shot Motivation With These Working 7 Tips !


Let’s switch to imagination terrain and jump right into your utopia. Everything is perfect and pink. The ideal place to be! But suddenly you loose the zeal and motivation to execute your favorite dream job. It would suck right? This little nasty friend called motivation can help you achieve to great lengths. But nobody knows when this friend will leave you for good without any goodbyes or a smiley note on a yellow paper ! 

Realize yourself out of utopia as we bring to you the ___ most practical ways to bring back lost motivation. 

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“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

Zig Ziglar

Why we Leak out Motivation? 

The essence of motivation is trapped in the very famous saying above by Ziglar. Only a person who knows what it’s like to loose motivation mid work or even in the beginning phase or right at the very end can grasp the feeling of helplessness and self loathing that comes along. 

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Everything could be going perfect. You could have just been praised for impeccable work of studies, or maybe you get to finally do what you have always wanted. But then abruptly, there shows up this void and you begin to feel humdrum and unambitious. This is where your friend motivation has left you for good. 

It is entirely not in our curb to keep motivation from leaving. But we have the power to boost those motivational levels and crank them up too in desperate times. 

Ways to Bring Back Lost Motivation 

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There have been trillion times where I felt like drowning in my blackness, because of the lack of motivation. Here is a list of ways I have tried to get myself right back on track. 

Motivational Playlist, Speakers, Books, Poems, Articles and Quotes 

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This tops the list because every person that walks the earth has at least tried one of this. The very accessible internet brings to you so many videos, speeches and movies that are directed to bring up your motivational levels. Watch documentaries of people who have suffered and risen above everything pulling them down. Or maybe listen to the very trending motivational speakers. My personal go to is Jay Shetty. The power of words cannot be undermined here. 

Don’t Dwell On It

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The more you think and believe that there is not ounce of motivation left in you, the more gloomier and pathetic you are to become. You will know the very moment when you lack motivation. Instead of being worried and asking why? Ask yourself on how to bring it back? This is more productive than the former. It can more than often lead you to solutions residing in you. Don’t worry. All your plans will work out.

Try Finding Positivity 

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Positivity is a key ingredient which cannot be neglected in any circumstance. Being positive in general life is a healthy lifestyle practice. But positivity in times when you are feeling down can do miracles. When unmotivated hunt for positivity in your surroundings or try nurturing it within.

Take it Easy

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Stumbling is a part of the process. The road to success is never a steady flight. The many obstacles that come equally reside interior to the ones that lie outside. Such times require you to be easy and kind on yourself. Remember everything is not your fault.

Don’t Be Hard on Yourself 

Anyone can demotivated. It is neither person specific nor time specific. Demotivation also brings about frustration and self loathing. But these moments demand for self love and compassion. 

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Try Remembering Why You Started What You Started 

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Whenever we start something or a work the motivation level is at the apex. The efforts put in at this time are superb. Remembering these times will serve as a motivation too. This self motivation can be quick and easy.

Talk About Stuff to People 

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Talking is a way out to all problematic situations, issues and in tough times where there seem only black demotivational clouds hovering; talking it out to people in your life can help you dig up motivation. Energy levels can be brought up instantly with talks.

Stop and Adopt These 8 Healthy Eating Habits


Eating being quintessential for human survival is one of the things we do everyday on a loop. Plus healthy eating habits are even more important. For this reason solely, Abraham Maslow has paired up food along with shelter and clothing under the first broad category of his Hierarchy of Needs.

Only when one is able to calm his stomach can he move up in the Hierarchical scale of needs. Most of us eat food with an absent mind. We don’t not savor the food we eat. Before the eyes are able to taste the food, someone blocks the view with a camera.

The #foodselfie is the reason why your phone gets to eat your food first! Many healthy eating habits like such are what bring to your screens. 

healthy eating habits
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#1 Decoding Unhealthy Eating Habits 

girl eating pizza
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Unhealthy eating is not just the greasy double patties extra cheese and mayo burger that you eat. (Read that again to make your mouth salivate!). Healthy eating habits can also be the way you eat your food. So first let’s figure out the unhealthy ways you eat your food. 

#2 Gadgets on the Table

The biggest and the most significant problem we all face in either of the three meals of the day is where we bring gadgets to the table. Without a doubt it is these gadgets that draw your attention from the food on your plate to their tacky screens. If you don’t see what you eat, how will you be able to feel and appreciate what you put in your stomach? 

people clicking pizza
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Moreover these gadgets hook you up to them and nobody on the table makes a conversation.

#3 Eat At Least 1 Meal Together 

Be it with friends, family or roommates make it mandatory to eat together for at least one meal. Among all healthy eating habits, this one brings you closer to family. Eating together this way will promote a more homely feel and a wholesome eating experience. From the point of view of building family integrity, eating together is essential. bring about positive changes in your routine and begin today.

people on the dining table
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Also as mentioned above, take no gadgets along. 

#4 Being a Nitpick Eater

messy eater
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It can become quite annoying for others when you are fussy when making food choices. Whatever is up on the table should be up for grabs after saying grace. This shows presence of healthy eating habits. Being choosy will only lead to deficiencies. It is totally fine if you have allergic concerns. But besides this if you don’t like a certain food items, try to adjust when in a public location.

#5 Eating Food too Fast or Too Slow

Neither gobbling food nor keeping food out in the open for long hours is healthy. Eating too fast can result in weight gain, bloating and higher chances of choking. While on the other hand eating too slow can cause your food to become cold and it won’t be of the same consistency or taste. Healthy food eaten with good company with the best company makes for good healthy eating habits.

women eating food
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#6 Wrong Food Choices You Make

Along with the above poor eating habits, there are also some food choices you make, that are detrimental to your health. 

#7 Excess Dairy, Sugar and Carbohydrates

woman with a doughnut
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For sure those macaroons and large triple chocolate shake taste yummy. But they are bad choices. Once in a while is acceptable. But if you find reaching for them too often, then there is a problem. These three evil sisters will not only increase your weight but are also known to induce acne and pimples. Keep it balanced and everything in moderation. This the greatest out of all healthy eating habits to adopt.

#8 Depriving Yourself

You can only stick to such diets as long as you don’t faint or it doesn’t begin to show up on your face. Such extreme diets can take a toll on your body and can negatively affect your immune system.  Here are various diet plans to follow.

Tell us in the comments below about which of the above healthy eating habits that you can adopt.

5 Hacks To Deal With Failed Plans

If only we had a dollar for each time a plan went down the drain!

There are instances innumerable that can attest to the fact that life’s way of poking fun and laughing at our expense is spoiling planned things. We all have our fair share of stuff that we had planned but didn’t quite work through. Twin Avocados give out heartfelt condolences to all plans made and lost in time. But we have prepared for you a coping mechanism with practical ways to handle life when nothing is going as planned – to teach you how to deal with failed plans.

Should You Plan?

Should You Plan?
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Planning is the initial step to action. Nobody wins at chess by not planning their next move. 

There are constant harsh reminders from the life that planning is useless as a clear crayon. But it should not stop you from planning as a whole. Planning gives you a direction, a goal, or maybe even a deadline. It sets your agenda, numerous possible dimensions to consider, and much more. If you quit planning altogether, just because one of your master plans did not reach fruition, then you are on a path to self-destruction. 

When Your Planning Goes Haywire

When Your Planning Goes Haywire
Source: Identity Magazine

You need to become a trainer is all your plans have reached glory and you have no failed plans at all. Furthermore, you become an epitome of “master planning” if everything in life is going the way you planned it. Do leave a comment down below if that’s the case. 

But a majority of us have to console ourselves with the old, sick saying that ‘everything happens for a reason.’ It is alright if your plan went haywire when you didn’t plan to pursue sports as a career, or you planned your chosen degree of greater use in the future, or you planned your new business venture to spread like wildfire or simply that you intend to have dinner with your potential boyfriend. All of these examples might have had some flaw to it, or the circumstances might not be appropriate to execute what was planned. 

A simple rule is that there is nothing you to fix a spoiled plan beyond a certain point. You have accepted the fact, learn from it, maybe improve it or simply move on. 

This implies life incidents too. Maybe you had planned a whole life with your loved one, and something comes up and shatters your plan to pieces. Or perhaps you planned to study hard for a paper, but the questions in your exam were out of syllabus. These things happen to all people. Some plans that get spoiled have a major life-changing impact, and others have trivial consequences. 

How To Get Over And Deal With Failed Plans?

How To Get Over And Deal With Failed Plans?
Source: The Positivity Blog

Well, putting it in bullets was initially not planned but whatever! It will put things in perspective for you.

1. What’s The Need To Ponder Over It?

What's The Need To Ponder Over It?
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The saying that goes like do not cry over spill milk fits like a glove in this scenario. If your plan didn’t work out and there is nothing you could do, then why bother?

2. Take Back Something

Take Back Something
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With every spoiled plan, there is that little something to take back. A lesson or future advice maybe. See for yourself what can learn out of it and tweak your plans accordingly in the future. 

3. Do Not Over-analyze

Do Not Over-analyze
Source: 29Secrets

If something were to work out, be it a relationship, career, or life-related choices they would have in the first place. With you sitting in a corner, gloomily won’t make the situation any better. It’s in the past, so let it pass slowly and take life as it comes with a little positive spirit. 

4. Don’t Play The Blame Game

Don't Play The Blame Game
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If you know why something planned failed or because of whom, there is no reason to fight, create a ruckus, or snap. Probably this can be your way to vent out, but it will obviously lead you nowhere. When a plan fails, you are for sure to be frustrated and impeach the concept of planning overall, but by blaming someone or something isn’t resolve. 

5. Move On

Move On
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Moving forward is what defines true optimism. When you have moved on, you have taken the failure, rejection, loss, mistakes, etc. head-on. Plus, moving on shows a great deal of courage. You have to keep this courage handy as this little friend will go a long way and help you out immensely in the challenges to come. Move over from spoiled plans as there are many more to come.

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