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4 Places You Should Visit For A Mini-vacation in India

Goa and Benares – popularly known as the hippie hubs have become so buzzed with tourists that hippies are now looking for quieter and peaceful places. Long gone are days, when we saw color people with their colorful clothes dancing away the night. All we get to see is – people clicking selfies everywhere. Although, there are few people out there who have been keeping the hippie culture alive.

I present to you the 4 places for a mini-vacation that fit in the right frame and give you the hippie vibes that you have been devoid of for so long.

4 Places You Should Visit For A Mini-vacation in India

1. Revisiting History: Hampi, Karnataka

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Recognized as one of the UNESCO’s world heritage sites, Hampi has become the go-to place for a mini-vacation. The famous stone chariot at the back of the 50 rupees Indian note comes from the famous Virupaksha temple situated in the ruins of Hampi. Queen’s bath, Matanga hill, and Hampi markets are a sight to behold.

The restaurant’s vibes are quirky with walls covered in murals and bob Marley jamming on the speakers. Hummus with pita bread, white sauce pasta, mushroom pizzas, and Nutella Crepes line up the menus everywhere.

A coracle ride on River Tungabhadra will take you to Hampi Island – No network zone. Early morning hikes to hills, an evening spent on rice fields and night filled with shrooms and beer is what describes the life on this island. It’s flocked with hippies from worldwide in November – February.

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Just an hour’s journey from Hospet (nearest railway station), this place is a must-visit place for a mini-vacation to take a chill-pill. Hampi won’t disappoint!

2. Backpacker’s hotspot: Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

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Popularly called as the Israeli’s haven, this village located at 1581 m altitude in the Parvati Valley is on every Backpacker’s bucket list for a mini-vacation.

The transcendental views of this place are a treat to eyes. It truly is a gift from god. Visit this place before you have any children as this place has got a tinge of hippie in it. A lot of it.

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Taking a stroll across the sparking flowing waters of the river with pine trees on your right is something that you can’t miss. With the snow-capped mountains in the background, Clear blue sky above you, and flora and fauna all around you, this place is a sight to behold.

when in Kasol, trek 9-KMs to Kheer Ganga-a beautiful green meadow, eat lots of Israeli food, pick up souvenirs from the local flea markets, and do not forget to visit the Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara!

3. The Goa of Kerala – Varkala

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An ideal holidaying destination for people in search of hippie hues and quiet beaches – this place is laden with beautiful landscapes, beaches, and salty seawater!

Rated as the second most famous cliff beaches of India, it has strikingly breathtaking views of sunset and sunrises. It is also famous for its Ayurveda centres, spa activities, and mineral springs which relax your nerves and give you a sense of calm.

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Spend your weekend with the cliff clad beaches, Enjoy snorkelling, eat lots of Seafood, shop handicrafts from the streets and surf your vacation away on the marvellous beaches of Varkala!

Take a cab or a taxi from Thiruvananthapuram railway station to reach Varkala. There are regular to and fro bus services too.

4. Discovering Gokarna, Karnataka

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Gokarna is a sleepy town that lies along the west coast of India. Formerly known for being a Hindu pilgrimage centre, it is now an important tourist destination. Backpackers flock this place due to its serene beaches. The hippie culture mixed with the rural outline makes it a destination worth checking out.

Around 140 Km from Goa, with a relaxed setting, it’s the perfect place for a peaceful holiday.

One of the most exciting activities to do are the climbs and descents that lead you to the 5 major beaches – Gokarna Beach, Kudle Beach, Om Beach, Half moon beach, and Paradise beach. You would a lot of people doing yoga, surfing or simply sunbathing on the beach.

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The best season to go is between September to April as it gets a little warmer by May and June. Wintertime is a great time to go with the added bliss of Christmas.

Even though there are a lot of shacks and resorts, I would personally recommend Zostel Gokarna (if backpacking) and Namaste Café if in a group.

Gokarna is about 550 km from Bangalore by road and the nearest airport is in Goa which is around 100 km in distance. If you’re considering the bus option, there is regular service from Bangalore and Mangalore towards Gokarna.

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