Here Are 12 Remarkable Classic Novels – Can You Name Their Authors?


    How many authors of these remarkable classic novels can you name?

    Between the pages of a book, is a lovely place to be. If you’re anything close to an avid reader, and if books are your life, you’d agree to this. But does your memory stand with you when it comes to the great minds behind these classics?

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      A Tale of Two Cities, a historical novel set before and during the French Revolution.

      • Daniel Defoe
      • Jonathan Swift
      • Charles Dickens
      • Emily Brontë
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      Gone with the Wind, an American Civil War-era classic.

      • Margaret Mitchell
      • Arthur Golden
      • John Jakes
      • Hans Christian Andersen
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      Jane Eyre, a realistic portrayal of the inner life of a woman, her desires, and her social conditions.

      • Sylvia Plath
      • Willa Cather
      • Anne Rice
      • Charlotte Brontë
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      Pride and Prejudice, a romance centering on the turbulent relationship of a commoner and a rich aristocrat.

      • Frances Burney
      • Jane Austen
      • Eliza Haywood
      • Maria Edgeworth
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      Little Women, the story of the lives of four sisters detailed on their childhood to womenhood.

      • L.M. Montgomery
      • Frances Hodgson Burnett
      • Laura Ingalls Wilder
      • Louisa May Alcott
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      The Diary of a Young Girl, a Dutch language diary written during the Nazi occupation of Netherlands.

      • Elie Wiesel
      • Anne Frank
      • Sarah Ryan
      • Betty Smith
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      The Color Purple, which focuses on the issues faced by African American women in the 1930s.

      • Richard Wright
      • Alice Walker
      • Maya Angelou
      • Toni Morrison
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      The Shining, a gothic horror novel known to be the most popular and enduring horror stories of all time.

      • Dean Koontz
      • Clive Barker
      • Bram Stoker
      • Stephen King
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      Anna Karenina, a tragic novel about the rise and fall of a love affair.

      • Nikolai Gogol
      • Ivan Turgenev
      • Leo Tolstoy
      • Anton Chekhov
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      To Kill a Mockingbird, a young girl’s coming-of-age story surrounded by dark drama and consequences.

      • Harper Lee
      • Cather Goethe
      • Descartes Willa
      • Mark Twain
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      The Notebook, the journey of two lovers separated by fate.

      • Mitch Albom
      • Nicholas Sparks
      • James Patterson
      • Jodi Picoult
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      Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the first of six more that tells us the extraordinary tale of the ‘boy who lived’.

      • Amy A. Bartol
      • J. K. Rowling
      • Rachel E. Carter
      • S. E. Hinton

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