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15 Reasons Why Working Hard is Dumb

Hard work has always been the no. 1 thing that has been inculcated in our minds by our parents/teachers. But did you know that hard work at this time and age is actually quite futile!

So, let’s get to know some of the reasons why working hard is dumb:

1. Hard work means you aren’t using the right tools

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We are living in a generation of technology, where we have several apps and tech to make our work easier and faster. So if something takes you a lot of time then you are probably not doing that right and not using the proper tools for it.

2. Avoid the lure of hyper-productivity

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There is no such thing as hyper-productivity. Avoid doing multi-tasking because you are not really giving your 100% to any of those tasks. Plus, you get distracted every time you switch from one thing to another. This makes you less productive and nothing else.

3. Working hard isn’t enough to make you successful

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If hard work would have made someone successful then every laborer would have succeeded. In this era, working smart is more important than working hard. Make sure to use your time strategically and always look for ways that can make your work easier and faster.

4. There is no career improvement in hard work

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Hardworking doesn’t make sure that you will have growth in your career. The problem is while working hard we forget about the things that actually require improvement in our career. This is how you miss on some more important things.

5. All work and no play

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All work and no play makes a man dull. This is not just a saying but this is very true. Working all the time damages your family time, your social life, your body, and whatnot. Every one of us needs some break from our daily hectic routine and make sure to give ourselves that holiday.

6. Hard work doesn’t mean you are a good planner

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Hard work has no direct relationship with a good planner. A lot of the times, people who are working hard are actually the ones who haven’t planned their stuff accordingly. So, to make up for it, they have to work hard which becomes completely unnecessary.

7. There is no personal growth

Source: podia

Hard work leaves no room for your personal growth. Personal growth comes only when you are actually working on yourself, that too in a smart way. If you are working just to earn money then you are turning into a money-making machine and nothing else. Set goals for yourself and make sure to achieve them.

8. Nothing good came out of a burn-out

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Working until you are totally exhausted is a very stupid idea. You are just lowering your productivity with every extra hour you are putting in unnecessarily. You will just take extra time to recover. Make sure to find that balance between your work and your rest time.

9. Hard work is sometimes just busy work

Source: tcea

Hardworking is sometimes just busy work and you have got to believe this. Just being busy all the time makes you work harder and that too, unnecessarily. There are several other ways by which you can add value to your job – just look for them.

10. Success isn’t how much you put in

Source: thethirty

No one cares about how many days or hours you had to put in to get successful. All that people care about is the outcome. So, make sure to manage your time effectively and make a lot out of it. Because people are only going to care about the final product and not the process of it.

11. It can make you lose focus

Source: fortune

Hard work is something that might lead you to lose your focus and end up making you a normal person instead of being a specialist in some field. When you just keep yourself going and working for several hours, then you don’t have the time to specialize in one field which can make you earn money as well.

12. Don’t work hard because of boredom

Source: washingtonpost

If you are working because you are just bored then you are ruining yourself. Switch things for your mind and your body. Your body needs to change and do something else, like catch up on your hobby or listen to some good podcast or read a good book.

13. Working hard doesn’t help you prioritize anything

Source: aiminstitute

Working hard makes you lose your grip on your priorities. This way you are spending most of your time on things that matter really less in your life and very soon it will make you sad and unhappy. Analyze your work and see where you are spending most of your time and energy and work accordingly.

14. Working hard is not unique

Source: ragan

You might think, that being a hard worker is a unique thing. Bt trust me, it is not. Everyone can work hard. The thing that puts you on the table is how creative you are and how smart you can work. So make sure to become a creative person rather than just being a hard worker.

15. It leads to expensive living

Source: hubspot

Hard work might make you spend more money than you actually should. Working hard makes you pay for so many things that you might have saved. Like you hire a nanny for your kids, or a pet keeper for your pets, or take an Uber instead of a train. You do such things because you are busy working hard and you have no time for these activities.

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