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9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Exercising

We will all agree that we are all stuck in a concrete jungle, living a life that contains the least form of physical movement. We traveled by car, go up and down the floors by availing lifts, and we hate to stand in lines. Such lifestyles are of no good to us for this finally leads to unhealthy food habits, obesity, and various other health issues. Now, many of you may take new year resolutions of staying fit and healthy or exercising, but how many of you actually end up keeping your resolutions? I’m guessing, very few!

Reasons Why You Should Consider Exercising

9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Exercising

1. Controls your weight

Controls your weight
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There are so many types of exercises to maintain a healthy balance between your core strength and proper dieting. Exercises build your muscles and make the existing muscles stronger and more reliable. Exercising is the only feasible way, which can help you maintain your weight from fluctuating, which by the way is really unhealthy. In case you have a time crunch and your gym is 5 miles away from your home, you need not worry. You can exercise almost anywhere. Cardio training as such needs no equipment and has time and again proved to be making your core really strong. If you are a pregnant woman, exercising will help you maintain your weight.

2. Combats health conditions and diseases

Combats health conditions and diseases
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Okay, get this straight! Even a 15 minutes quick cardio can keep off heart diseases and their allied ailments. Exercising can help you fight against fatal ailments such as Heart Attack, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Depression, Anxiety, Arthritis, and whatnot. Exercising for pregnant women is a very healthy proposition, not just for the mother but also for the baby.

3. Boosts your energy levels

Boosts your energy levels
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If you are getting too exhausted with minor grocery shopping or household chores, you need to worry about how your body is receiving and using oxygen. With daily exercises to your aid, your cardiovascular system will work better, by improving the oxygen supply to your body. And in turn, it will help you have a better functioning heart and lungs, which automatically end up boosting your energy levels, and will never let you stoop low.

4. Improves your mood

Improves your mood
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You may be prone to workplace pressures and meeting deadlines and end up quarreling with your family members. Exercises may help you take away negative energy from you and give you a better life as a whole. All your negativity and toxicity are more likely to be soaked up in your sweats and you are more likely to remain calm and relaxed afterward. For pregnant women, exercising can serve so many added advantages like better stress management and controlling mood swings. It keeps the soon to be mother positive minded. Your easily irritable mind will calm down.

5. Better sleep is a guarantee

Better sleep is a guarantee
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Insomnia is a real difficulty for most of us. Its partly triggered for using too many screens in our day to day life. With growing technological improvements, humans have lost the desire to get up even for their own coffee. With energy left over in your body, you are less likely to snooze off to sleep at night. That is why you need proper exercise. You will be able to utilize your energy and feel relaxed after you have a good night’s sleep.

6. Increased Stamina

Increased Stamina
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When you exercise on a daily basis your body’s ability to use oxygen becomes more efficient. Exercising will keep your stamina levels high. Exercise will help you maintain your stamina for a longer period of time if we consider energy levels at various age levels to be different. If there is one reason you should try exercising from today, it is definitely because of this one.

7. Controls Blood Pressure

Controls Blood Pressure
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One of the primary reasons for heart failure is constant over-thinking and hypertension. Exercising helps in the reduction of hypertension by simply diverting your mind and body towards bodily exhaustion. With better blood flow, your tensions take a back seat and you start feeling a lot more relaxed. Your daily dose of working out pumps more oxygen into the heart and regulates blood flow.

8. Stronger immune system

Stronger immune system
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It is absolutely essential to get your immune game stronger these days. A strong immune system keeps your system protected against harmful diseases and other toxic elements. If you keep exercising, your immune system will remain powerful even with flowing time.

9. Stronger Bones

Stronger Bones
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With age, your bone to mineral ratio starts reducing in terms of its density. Exercising on a daily basis is by far the most effective way to improve upon your bone density. There are specific exercises meant to strengthen the power of your bones such as resistance training. You cannot take this easily because it takes time to build and strengthen your bones. Daily practice of resistance training for at least an hour will increase your bone strength.

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