TravelRishikesh: Go-To Places To Escape The City Madness

Rishikesh: Go-To Places To Escape The City Madness

Everyone who loves to travel has their own reasons for why they travel. Most times when you ask someone what is it about traveling that they love so much…. you’ll get different answers. I asked myself this question too… why do I like to travel to different places? I figured for me, it’s the idea of being in a new place, where I can reinvent myself. Where no one knows me, where I can be whoever I want to be. A place that I can escape to. Most times I like the idea of being on the road more too. Being on the go, gives me a kind of a high.

Rishikesh in Uttarakhand was the first place I travelled to, all by myself. I’d taken trips before, with friends. And I’ve travelled so much with family too. But this one, was so different than any other place. Its a small town, with that fresh scent in the air, with warm hearted people, with busy streets and cows, and the HolyGanga…

This one time, I was at the banks of the river, sitting on the beach-y sand and looking at the mountains…. and I thought to myself, it doesn’t get better than this. I’d been to beaches, I’d been to the mountains but I absolutely loved how Rishikesh is a mash up of the two. It’s got glorious mountains that you can stare at, without the eerie silence that you find in the mountains. And it’s not like a beach, which is all happy and vibrant and has people all goofed up on happy waves. It’s like a middle ground. It’s like me, I thought. It’s neither here, nor there, it’s perfect.

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And that’s when I knew this is one place I’m going to keep returning to, again and again…. and I did. Many times after, because that one little trip to the beautiful town Rishikesh with it’s loving calming energy, stole my heart.

Every time I am there, I try and find a new place to stay at so I can explore a bit more of the town. It’s like we are taking our time to get to know each other, this place and i. Every time I find myself liking it a bit more than the last time. It’s different in different seasons too you know. The Holy Ganga has this shade of green in the winter which is so magnificent to look at.

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I’d spend hours walking around the town and hours sitting by the river. I love how friendly the people are. I absolutely love the cafes in Rishikesh too. I’ve had some of the best burgers, best honey chilli crispy potatoes, and the best coffee while I was there. So for me, I aboslutely love the place and it has been my go to to escape the chaos of the city. Its a place where I find myself closer to me. I feel quietude and I find answers to my questions. It gives me hope and it shines a light on my day.

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As much as I’d like whoever reads this to visit Rishikesh and find themselves through the journey… what im really trying to say is that taking some time off & dedicating it to ourselves can help us find clarity. Whether it’s a difficult phase of live or just to feel deeper things, it’s important to look at things… differently, to find that new perspective.

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And for me, travelling by myself does that. What does travel mean to you? Do you find youself wondering why you do what you do? Do you like to meet people when you travel? I’d like to know all this and more, about you and your experiences travelling.

Share your thoughts with me in the comments below… because connecting with one another is one of the most lovely things about this life.

Happy Tripping, Happy Travelling!

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