Relationship8 Importances Of Sex Education To Bust The Myths

8 Importances Of Sex Education To Bust The Myths

Living in the 20th century, people would still refrain and hush while a topic on sex would come up. They often don’t like to share their experience and knowledge on the importance of sex education and sexual affairs. However, our society would avoid the word “SEX,” which is still considered taboo. Hearing the word S-E-X, many folks would react like it’s a filthy and impure word. As if it’s a heinous crime to commit.

But it’s high time we need to understand that the importance of sex education should be regarded as a part of our life. Indeed, life starts with it. Doesn’t it? We have a population of billions, so sex is definitely a part of everyone’s life. The problem lies in people’s perception as they refuse to consider the importance of sex education.

So, let’s get to know why we shouldn’t be shutting our minds down and rethink about the need for sex education in India.

8 Importances Of Sex Education To Bust The Myths

1. Its Knowledge, Not Encouragement

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The importance of sex education does not rely on encouraging people to engage in more sexual activities. Instead, it’s about the knowledge of the aspect. It’s quite the opposite because instead, sex education for youth will teach them the importance of safe sex at the right time. Indeed, the importance of sex education is about improving their perspective. With proper sex education, young adults would know their body parts better and get the exact knowledge about child-birth. Also, the need for sex education in India will enhance their ability to respect the differences and similarities between all genders.

2. Positive Mental Effect

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Keeping the importance of sex education as a part of the regular curriculum will let the students understand the facts and busting the myths. If elders talk clearly, the aspect will be considered an ordinary subject and not keep any higher values to add, other than the need for sex education in India. Also, it will bring a positive effect on the mental health of the person. As we know, adolescents become very curious after experiencing hormonal changes. They can take the wrong steps out of their curiosity because of the lack of sex education in a proper way. The right knowledge of sex education for the youth will resist them from committing undesirable mistakes.

3. Moral Values – Importance Of Sex Education

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The importance of sex education is not just limited to sexual intercourse. It also holds a few finer aspects of the personality of an individual. The learners will adopt appropriate moral behavior. Sex education for youth will let them know about the activity involved in sexual affairs while enhancing the positive sides. It is a healthy practice to engage in sexual activities as long as it did not become an addiction or an obsession. That’s what we have to teach the students the right things about sex.

4. A No Is Always A No

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People need to understand that sex is about the pleasure of bodies, and at times a process of giving birth to a new life. It’s about comfort and can neither be imposed nor be forced. When someone says a “no” to anyone offering them a sexual approach, their consent should be regarded as the priority. Sex education emphasizes the importance of adolescents respecting each other’s consent before proceeding with any sexual activity. Sex education will allow them to make the changes and respect others’ decisions. Sex is a biological activity, and therefore it should be treated as one.

5. Safer Relationships

Source: Community and public health

Learning the importance of sex education lies in maintaining a relationship, just like adding a pinch of salt to a dish. In a relationship, sex is like a symbol of love that will nurture the emotional connection. A physical touch gives the feel of care and love. However, controlling one’s sexual desires and not talking about sex can lead to destroying relationships. Therefore, sex education will also guide couples to get a safer relationship.

6. Decreased Risks

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Sex education is responsible for providing complete knowledge about the private parts of our body and how to take care of our body before and after sex. It will decrease the risks of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. Also, if proper sex education is provided, one’s sentiments and bodily virtues are valued, there will be fewer molestation and rape cases, which happens up to a great extent because of the lack of sex education.

Source: AIDS foundation Chicago

7. The Part That Sex Plays In Our Life

Engaging in sexual activities helps reduce stress, burn calories, and maintain emotional and physical needs. It keeps the spark in the relationship lit and lets you know your self-worth affirmatively. It is essential to talk about sex to maintain interpersonal relationships steadily. It is also the parent’s responsibility to allow their kids to understand what sex is why it is considered a private activity, and the odds and evens included in the process.

8. Accepting All Genders

Source: The Conversation

Homosexuality, by all means, has become a legal and ethical part of India. However, there is still homophobia and intolerance that keeps on buzzing the criminal records all around the corner. Society has to be blamed for not letting same-sex couples live a life as an average couple. As a part of the importance of sex education, the lesson for homosexuality should also be focused on. Acceptance for the same should start from the beginning of the child’s education, so there is less intolerance and harassment in the name of homophobia.

Sex education is more like a holistic, integrated education. Teens need to learn and adapt to changes in life. They need appropriate guidance to understand the importance of sex education.

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