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26 Signs It’s The Right Time To Make A Move On Your Crush

The dating scene in today’s generation is very different from what it used to be years ago. In some ways, it’s better, but in other ways, the thrill and chase of romance have ceased to exist, replaced by internet terms such as “ghosting,” “hook-ups,” and more. Some positive changes are that people are no longer afraid to speak their minds and make a move on someone they have a crush on, but even that can get confusing to determine when it’s the right time to do so.

26 Signs It’s The Right Time To Make A Move On Your Crush

1. You have a solid indication that they might like you back

It is easy to assume that someone you like also likes you back when your thoughts are consumed by the idea of them and what you could be together. But, it’s important to have some indicator that they actually might have a crush on you before you make a move on them; otherwise, it might turn into an awkward situation, leading to the loss of friendships or bonds. It’s also unfair to them to have to respond to something that they had no clue about or lose a good bond just because you have feelings for them when it might turn out that they don’t feel the same.

2. You feel comfortable with them

The level of comfort you experience with a person is a big indicator of how the relationship will develop further. If there is comfort, there is openness and communication, which is the foundation of any relationship. There can be nervousness, flirting, and excitement, but emotions such as anxiety, dread, and fear can be negative indicators of the type of relationship it will be, and it would not be a good idea to make a move on your crush if you feel any of these emotions when you’re with them.

3. They make time to spend with you out of their friend groups

You can tell a lot about whether your crush likes you back by the amount of time they spend with you. Spending time with you means that they consider you a priority, that they enjoy the time together, and that they want to take this further. You might first start hanging out in groups with mutual friends, but once you both start spending time alone without the need for friends as wingmen, it’s a clear indicator of things moving forward and would be a good time to make a move on them.

4. You both have a personal connection

Physical attraction is definitely important, but a relationship can only last so long without a personal connection between two individuals. When you like someone, it is important to determine if you share common experiences, mindsets, and understanding with them to turn the attraction into a meaningful relationship. Without that personal connection, the relationship might quickly turn hollow, lonely, and unfulfilling and eventually won’t last. Once you determine you have a personal connection with your crush, it’s a safe time to make a move on them and take things further.

5. You don’t see any upfront red flags

The idea of red and green flags is more of a Gen-Z slang, but it does have logic. If you find very obvious red flags in your crush, like ignoring your needs, not respecting your decisions, or even something as small as a bad temper, it is important to acknowledge them and take them into account before you think of going further with them. It can be tempting to ignore those subtle red flags and give in to the thrill and excitement of new crushes, but it will impact your relationship going forward, and it needs to be carefully analyzed.

6. You’re absolutely sure about your own feelings

The relationship and clarity you have with your own thoughts and feelings build the foundation of any relationship with other people. If you want to make a move on your crush, it’s essential you are absolutely certain about your feelings towards them and what you want from the relationship going forward. It won’t do to make impulsive decisions on the spur of the moment and later realize you’re not entirely sure why you did it and want to chicken out now. It’s not fair to your crush and also to yourself.

7. There is physical closeness

Physical and emotional intimacy are very closely linked, and when someone starts getting emotionally intimate, physical intimacy automatically follows. If you see your crush getting closer to you or wanting to lightly touch you when you spend time together, it’s a good indication that they might like you.

8. They smile a lot around you

With each day’s ups and downs, maintaining a smile and happy energy can be difficult for everyone you meet, but if your crush is doing just that when you are together, they are making an active effort to bring positive and happy vibes, which say they care a lot about you and might like you.

9. Their energy changes around you

When you observe your crush’s energy when they are with you versus when they are without you, there might be a visible difference if they like you. In the beginning stages of a relationship, both parties are much more conscious and reserved in front of each other as compared to their friends and family.

10. They remember the little things

Most days, we hear a lot of words but remember very few details, but when someone makes an effort to remember little specific details you may have mentioned in your conversations, it could be because they like you. Remembering details is usually not about one’s memory power but about the level of care they have for what the other has to say.

11. Mirrors you

The more you spend time with someone and the more the two of you observe each other, your actions and gestures start to mirror each other in adorable ways, and this might be a big indicator that they pay a lot of attention to small gestures and might like you.

12. Frequent eye contact

A deep emotional connection comes from more than just words. Eye contact is a very powerful way to feel closer to someone, and it takes time and understanding to get to the point where you are able to speak through the eyes. If you find yourself making frequent eye contact with your crush, it could be a sign that they feel a special bond with you and want to move things forward.

13. Changes in posture

When you like someone, especially during the initial stages, you tend to care about looking your best around them, from standing in an attractive posture to adjusting your hair and clothes and more. If your crush starts doing these things when you’re together, it means they focus on looking their best around you and may like you.

14. Gives you their full attention

In a generation where our attention span has reduced to 7-second reels, giving attention to a person is quite a feat. If someone actually gives their full attention to you, emotionally and physically, it’s probably taking them a lot of effort to do that, and they might like you.

15. Keeps asking you questions

The best way to know someone is to keep asking them questions, from simple life facts to deeper philosophical views. If you like someone, you want to know everything possible about them, from their grandparents’ names to their views on life, and if the other person feels the same, they might be asking you these questions as well, so pay attention!

16. Remembers the important dates

Don’t you feel special when someone remembers your birthday or a day important to you after you have only mentioned it once or twice? Remembering dates does not come naturally to everyone, and if someone makes a conscious effort to do so, they might like you!

17. Gets your humor and jokes

The sense of humor varies so greatly among everyone these days. To like someone, they just have to get your sarcastic comments, dark humor, and funny references to your favorite shows; otherwise, what’s even the point? It’s rare to find someone who gets your humor, and if you do, it’s an indication of something special.

18. Introduce you to their friends

Your friends or the people in the circle you hang out with are important people in your life, as they know you in a way other people and your family don’t, and they probably know the most authentic side of you. Once you introduce someone to your friends, they can analyze you in relation to that person in a way no other person can. If your crush introduces you to their group of friends, things are really getting serious.

19. Their friends act funny with you

We’ve all experienced the embarrassment and butterflies that come with having your friends tease you about someone. We pretend to laugh it off when, on the inside, we couldn’t be happier or more hopeful. If your crush’s friends act funny around you or tease him, chances are they know that he likes you, and it might be a good time to make a move.

20. Notices everything about you

By everything, I mean everything. The way you move your hair, your go-to snack, your mood swings, your nature toward those around you, your hobbies and interests, and your dressing style. If you find them mentioning these little things to you or even someone else, they definitely like you!

21. Gives compliments

Compliments might be the quickest way to our hearts—not just the fake ones, but genuine ones complimenting your qualities and offering encouragement in the hard times. Compliments say, “I want you to know I appreciate you, and you deserve good things.” If someone does that for you, it’s a huge green flag.

22. Has your back

Having someone’s back means not just physically being with them but actually supporting them when they are not there. If your crush defends you from other people, supports you in whatever dreams you have even if they don’t understand them, doesn’t let jealousy interfere with your accomplishments, and continues to be there consistently, nothing will lead to a healthier relationship.

23. Misses you when you’re away

To have someone thinking of you even when you’re not there and wish that you were around to share every experience that they have is a real privilege. Very few get that, and if they do, they should hold onto it and make a move to keep it forever.

24. Has good communication skills

Communication skills are the most important aspect of any kind of relationship. If your crush has good communication skills now, it’s a good indicator of a future relationship. People only go to extreme lengths to have good communication with someone if they really like them and want something genuine out of it.

25. Tries to make you happy

At the end of the day, the one thing that truly matters is that you feel content and happy, and if your crush is someone who makes you feel that way without the drama and unnecessary fights, it might be something to hold onto.

26. You are emotionally ready for rejection

Confessing your feelings and taking the first step forward always comes with the risk of rejection. Before taking that step, you need to be emotionally prepared for a number of outcomes, a negative reply being the most common and practical of them. It’s very easy and wishful to imagine that things might work out the way you want them to, and in these cases, everything will always have a fairy-tale ending, but that’s not the case most of the time. Rejection has the power to affect your confidence and mindset toward any romantic relationships in the future. That’s why it is important to train your mind to accept rejection if it happens and be okay with it.

The Bottom Line

This article might have called you single in a hundred different ways but know that the whole experience of dating and relationships can be beautiful as well as brutal, but it’s also a very common part of life. What should remain important is maintaining healthy relationships over toxicity, and if that is achieved, all is truly well. Let us know if these tips helped you in your relationship!

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