Relationship22 Signs That Tell You Are In A Toxic Relationship

22 Signs That Tell You Are In A Toxic Relationship

Every relationship is hard and complicated. You need efforts to embed into them to make things better. There are times when you feel overly frustrated and not loved enough, but at the end of the day, you still are happy and healthy in that relationship. Until it becomes noxious and needs an urgent breaking-up.

If you feel even a bit strangled in your relationship, here are 22 signs that tell you are in a toxic relationship.

1. You don’t talk anymore, you argue


Having a meaningful and real conversation with your partner is very much essential for maintaining any healthy and strong relationship. Once talking takes the route of becoming an argument, you know something is up with your relationship.

2. You are the only one who says sorry


A relationship contains two people, with equal emotions and responsibilities. It is the call of both the individuals to smoothen their bond, after every fight. If you feel like you are the only one ‘trying’ to deal with the hassles of your relationship, it is a big red sign.

3. Continuous nagging

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Criticism is something partners must provide each other, only then will they be able to be a better self, which is an important trait of a good relationship. But irritable nagging (mostly without a reason) is not, in any way, going to do anything rational or better any ‘flaws’ of you or your partner.

4. They make you feel that you are not enough

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You are, just so you know. Your partner is supposed to make you feel special, blessed, loved and most importantly, enough; not otherwise. If you ever feel anything but enough, make sure you take the decision of breaking off the toxic relationship you are in.

5. You don’t feel safer around them


A BIG BOLD SIGN FOR YOU TO GET OUT OF THE RELATIONSHIP NOW. Your partner is supposed to make you feel at home and happy. Many toxic connections tend to terrify the person who has been dominated in the relationship.

6. The classic guilt trip


‘You don’t care about me, ever,’ ‘You always hang out with your friends, am I nothing to you? ‘Baby! I did this for us,’ ‘I will die if you try to break up with me’ etc. If you are quite familiar with hearing these, or things like these, then understand how you are being trapped in being guilty.

7. Constant insecurity and envy with your success


A partner is always supposed to have your back and cheer for you whenever you reach your goal. When they are despising your being successful and letting you feel for attaining miles, you need to get out of this relationship.

8. You are at your worst with them


When the other person starts to bring out your worst side, then it tells a lot about the level of toxicity that you’re drowned into. Don’t confuse this with accepting ‘flaws,’ it isn’t that. You have to be better human being when you are around them, THAT IS IT.

9. You are always compromising


Compromising is vital and even very much fruitful to water a relationship, but this practice of compromising should never be one-sided. If you are changing for the better, for your partner, you are rightfully obligated to get the same regard from them as well.

10. Your partner stops you from hanging out with others


No matter how much you love someone, you need space and time to breathe; detached from them. Meeting your friends and family doesn’t become a matter of choice once you are committed to a person. Hence, if ever your partner tries to command your meet-ups with anyone, you know who wants to leave now, don’t you?

11. Disrespect


If you can’t give and get respect from a relationship, why are you in the relationship? Positivity and respect is the water to any budding relationship, if you don’t find this in your bond, you are losing the real emotions of a happy relationship.

12. You are always stressed around them


Everyone has some days when everyone, including their lovers, makes them feel agitated but once these ‘some’ days become the way of survival, you know it is time to end. Your partner SHOULD make you feel tranquilized, embraced, and special.

13. Jealousy is not always healthy


Jealousy is a very raw and natural emotion that captures everyone, especially if they are in a romantic relationship. But once you start to grasp a pattern of jealousy in your partner which becomes more intense than it probably should be, make sure you run away. Understand the difference between caring-about-you jealousy and crazy-and-unhealthily-possessive-about-you-that-I-don’t-trust-you-at-all jealousy.

14. No effort at all


After a mild strain on any relationship, the efforts naturally start to lightly dwindle, but not completely fade. Putting effort is very much important to continue to hold the roots of the relationship strong. If your partner has automatically stopped even caring to make you smile, you need to save yourself; smile and get out of that bond.

15. Your self-worth has started to shake


Feeling gravely worthless and the idea of not deserving the other person is a very prevalent sign of a toxic relationship.

And once again, self-caring is important, it doesn’t matter if you are single or taken.

16. When you are alone, you feel much happier

Well, there you go!

17. You don’t share important things


When a person is stuck in a toxic relationship, they begin to hide important things from their partners, even when it is very prime for them. Even if we leave aside the idea of ‘important’ things, sharing (be it a meager or consequential thing) is very crucial. 

18. You don’t like them


Of course, you might still love them but you don’t LIKE them anymore. There is a huge difference, understand that.

19. Your opinions feel diminished


When a bond has a toxic foundation, the imbalance of status in that relationship is very much evident. So, in no way your opinions should be continuously diminished, dominated, and ignored via your partner.

20. Your relationship is stagnant


Growth is a critical hallmark of a meaningful and healthy relationship. And along with the relationship, respectful individuals should as well become emerged. A stuck and latched relationship is only heading for a strained climax.

21. You try to get ‘positive’ meanings of their TOXIC behavior


Na Ah! If you have to perennially try to breed a rational explanation for your partner’s culpable behavior, it is time to open your eyes.



Ignoring the signs of a toxic relationship can be very brutal and devastating. Don’t let anyone master your happiness. Be in a relationship that makes you HAPPY or else, let go.

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