Tips and Tricks6 Simple Ways to Break a Bad Habit

6 Simple Ways to Break a Bad Habit

We all have certain habits that we figure we would be better people without. It could be something as small as shaking your leg while sitting and as big as substance abuse. However, losing a bad habit is not a very easy feat and it depends on the way the habit has become a part of our routine that would dictate the ability to shake it out of our routine. So, here are 6 simple steps that would help you to break a bad habit.

6 Simple Ways to Break a Bad Habit

1. Accept that there is a problem


Let’s face it, a problem cannot be addressed unless we accept that there is one. A person who has the habit to use profanity cannot go about changing his language unless he accepts that he does use profanity. A binge eater will not stop unless he accepts that the big gut that he has is caused by his binge eating! The road to recovery starts with accepting the existence of the problem.

2. Find the triggers

Find the triggers

The second step to recovering from your bad habit is to find what actually causes it. Maybe, the use of profanity is caused due to your friend Derek being a little punk and using words that offend you, or the binge eating is caused due to you being a big-time couch potato, not moving enough and being so bored that your brain requires you to do something indulging, like eating!

3. Deal with the triggers

It’s time to now deal with the root causes of these bad habits being repeated by us. It’s time to punch Derek in the face instead of letting him dictate your mind and letting you abuse in front of random people for no apparent reason. It’s time to move your stationary behind to not get so bored that you indulge in binge eating.

4. Find a replacement behavior

Find a replacement behaviour

Now that you’re not indulging in your vices, it’s certain that the chunk of time or the associated behaviour to your vices must seem very daunting. Now is the time to pick up something new of choice and interest to replace your bad habit. The latter part of this guide would give you some examples of such activities.

5. Gauge your progress and reward yourself

map your progress

You’re quitting your bad habit, right? You’re a big-time badass! Now is the time to see how far you’ve come in breaking your undesired behaviour and treat yourself. Those pleasure centres of the brain aren’t going to activate themselves, you know? Go buy yourself that pretty dress you’ve always wanted but have had no money to buy because you spent it all eating (and also because you didn’t think it would fit or look as nice earlier).

6. Accept your humanity

Accept your humanity

To err is human. Not every recovery goes as smooth as this guide reads. There is a possibility of setbacks. But these setbacks aren’t supposed to be stop signs. They are supposed to let you know that it’s time to get back on the horse and be more focussed and determined to get through this phase. Sure, it would take time, but it’s going to be worth it. Don’t give up! We believe in you!

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