SpiritualitySoul's Inner Voice: 5 Simple Questions to Ask Yourself

Soul’s Inner Voice: 5 Simple Questions to Ask Yourself

The soul can be listened to, not heard because hearing is short of memory whereas listening blocks the other ear to pass the thinking.

It’s time to hear your soul’s inner voice and ask these 5 questions to yourself

1. Is your soul wavering?

soul's inner voice
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Human beings often feel soul as a deep and emotional topic to discuss but actually, it is our closest friend and creature that is always with us no matter in whichever terrain we are in.

We humans have our voice which is at times ignored but admired. Our body is made up of small organs which combine and builds up an entity within us and that is named as “soul”. Our body works because our soul works. Nothing is eternal in this life except that inner entity. It is an integral part of the human body that guides us and strengthens up emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

The soul is the only living thing that never lies and always tries to give us a deep sense of intelligence, motivation and support. It’s a mirror to our feelings, thoughts, opinions and views. It helps us to define ourselves and to navigate our emotions towards purity.

2. Who is the best opportunity giver?

soul's inner voice
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There is a famous saying, “when you can’t listen to your heart, listen to your mind”. But actually, our mind also listens to someone, our soul, which is a ladder in our lives for true success and happiness.

In the race of being sophisticated and intellectual, we neglect our inner voice, which is allowing us to live our life to the fullest, which is allowing us to give a trial to every worst situation because we never know, “ when this worst of our life changes to the glittering burst in our life”.

3. Do you feel ignored by people?

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All voices are not audible, but some audible voices often feel inaudible. We are so packed up with our surroundings that at times, screaming becomes silent just because of the diplomatic people around us.

People ignore us because we ignore ourselves. We are not able to accept the level of intelligence we have. We always try to become perfect in every field to define us, as an individual. No one has the ownership of the word “all”. We are designed differently and with different perfections. People often compare themselves with others keeping their intelligence in dark.

External beautification attracts us and this makes us feel blinded from inside. Every day our soul screams to tell us something but we, in the championship of name and fame ignore it, just to save our external self-esteem no matter how hollow it is making us from inside. No gift can change its identity from old to new if it is ragged from inside. People are not defined by their looks but by their behaviour because wrappers can vanish if it is watery from inside instead of any solid material. Therefore, there is a need to ignore wrappers rather than solids.

There is a need to stop weighing ourselves with the world because success is for our inner happiness, not for the world to look.

4. Do you feel that sometimes you are unheard by your own self?

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Deafness is not a disability but human psychology. Collecting negative sounds can lead to deafness instead of positive ones. If we listen and follow the people around us and twist our thoughts and opinions according to them, then our condition of deafness is the worst in the entire world. 

At times, we feel as if we want something to happen according to our wish but we in this artificial world ignore our original ideas just because of the thinking of people around us. We value ourselves from our eyes instead of our soul because we are conscious about what people see rather than what we feel. Getting things with proper garnish won’t change their taste. So it’s time to work for ourselves and improve our visibility towards our soul before others.

We are so careful about the ratings of people about us that we do what they like and mute our inner voice which is directing us correctly towards Everest. This is making us inaudible to ourselves.

The destination has come to awake our mind because the soul doesn’t need ears to listen, but the mind to understand. The time has come to make things work better by grabbing every signal of our inner entity.

Don’t let your mind or heart rule over each other; instead, let your soul rule over everything. Let’s get back from the outer glitters to our glittery soul and give our life a happy and successful meaning.

5. Do you feel inefficient about yourself?

Source: Quest For Meaning

In the world of fake people, our own close one’s makes us feel inefficient and thus we lose our essence of life. We suddenly become active listeners to them and poor responders to ourselves. Our mind blocks and thus people manipulate it. We suddenly start blaming our destiny unknowingly. People try their best to de-motivate us and generate negative thoughts.

We start believing our darker side and try turning positives into negatives. We start blaming life for making us human beings.

Let’s break, the “break” by naming people and start believing in our capabilities. Let’s not wait for people to look instead start looking to yourself with confidence and success.

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