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5 Spectacular Commonly Visited Cities in Asia

The continent of Asia is highly populated. This 8.7 % of Earth’s total land holds 60% of the world’s population. And even though, there are some regions on it which are barely resided. That explains why the settlements on this continent are most dense. Surrounded by the Pacific, Indian, and Arctic Oceans, Asia also shares borders with the continent of Europe and Africa. Asia has been the rising place of many religions and cultures, and therefore, it has a lot to offer to see and experience. Also, being affordable for western tourists makes it an excellent option for a soul searching backpacking trip.

5 Spectacular Commonly Visited Cities in Asia

1. Hong Kong (China)

Asia- Hong Kong
Source: HSBC Group

The city of Hong Kong in Asia is an excellent merger of past and present that needs to be seen. The city of skyscrapers also has many old Chinese temples and festivals that mirror the richness of their culture. And yet, the city is famous for its nightlife and great casinos. Along with the modern tourist-friendly transport system Hong Kong also has great hiking trails. The city also has great parks that amuse adults as much as the kids. For shopping lovers, it is one of the greatest places to be. And you can try the dim sums at almost every corner in the market while you shop and shop and shop.

2. Bangkok (Thailand)


When touring through Asia, one must visit Bangkok, especially to see how an accepting society looks. Bangkok has the most LGBTQ tolerant civilization and, therefore, attracts all genders equally. The culture here is well-reserved because outsiders never ruled Thailandders. And yet, there are so many blends of culture, food, entertainment all across Bangkok. Its architecture is unique and has those ancient vibes which every culture struggles to preserve. The self-care industry in Bangkok is on top. No person can’t be calmed and relaxed down in Bangkok.

3. Singapore (Singapore)

Source: Forbes

Singapore is what a perfect city looks like. Though densely packed, it has the highest number of millionaires per capita. And the city has also managed to secure space for greenery. On top of that, it has low pollution and crime rates. Many tourists visit the city to see for themselves how well it has been managed. Singapore has great public transport and great public places too. And as the sun sets down, it keeps on getting better. The food you get here is delicious and offers as many options as shopping places to choose from. And if you are not into exploring the busy city, there are beaches to lie on all day. 

4. Macau (China)

Source: Vistra

Being the last British colony in Asia, Macau is a beautiful colonial memory. It was handed out to Portugal and remained theirs for 400 years continuously. Therefore, the city has unique a blend of Chinese and Portuguese culture. That goes for architecture too. The impact can be seen on the city’s culture and food as well. And the heritage of art is even rich too. Further to add to its experience, the city also has great casinos, and on top of it, it’s the only place in China where gambling is legal. Isn’t that a great relief?

5. Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Kuala Lumpur
Source: Trip Savvy

Kaula Lumpur is that city in the group of cities that stands with its hands and heart wide open for anyone from anywhere. This has resulted in the city’s rapid transformation. Therefore, it is now a hot melting pot of cultures. And, because it got paired with the industrial revolution, the city has exceptional modern vibes too. That reflects in its food, museums, architecture, wildlife, nightlife, and fashion too.  And, the city offers all this at a much more affordable rate than other cities.

To Conclude

Asia, overall, has always been affordable to western tourists. And, there is always something or someplace to explore. But, if you are short on holidays, make sure you visit these 5 cities at least. 

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