Food9 Spices For Immunity To Strengthen Your Body

9 Spices For Immunity To Strengthen Your Body

Whether it’s a change in weather that is causing the flu or a worldwide virus that’s making us sick…. it is extremely important to keep our bodies in check. Our immune system is what fights for us and supports us when any infected bacteria tries to bring us down. It’s almost like one could say if we have a healthy immune system it’s got our back no matter what. When we have a good number of immune cells and antioxidants we can say our immune system is strong.

9 Spices For Immunity To Strengthen Your Body

1. Turmeric

Source : IshaSadhguru

Turmeric has anti bacterial properties that flush out toxins from our bodies. It has antioxidants that help in increasing our immunity. Even when we were little and we got hurt, our elders always gave us a glass full of Milk with Haldi (Turmeric)…. now we know why.

2. Black Pepper

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Pepper which is widely known as a table spice is so much more than that. It has anti inflammatory properties and strengthens our immune system. It also helps in preventing chest congestion and other respiratory ailments. Using a pinch of Black Pepper in your food goes a long way.

3. Clove

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Clove is an impressive spice that has properties that protect from cough and cold. It shields our body from infections and has incredible immunity boosting abilities.

4. Cinnamon

Source: ThriveCuisine

Cinnamon which adds such a lovely taste to everything has some amazing benefits. Its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties prevent us from catching the flu. It is also rich in antioxidants that boost our immune system. You could bake things with cinnamon or simply brew cinnamon flavoured tea too.

5. Ginger

Source: FoodRevolution

Ginger which is used most in Indian cooking has great health benefits. It has anti inflammatory properties and increases our immunity. But apart from that, it also helps cure nausea and motion sickness. So anytime you feel nauseous, it’s Ginger to the rescue!

6. Garlic

Source: FoodRevolution

Garlic is such a wonderful and aromatic ingredient. It adds a great depth of flavour when used in any dish. It is rich in anti oxidants that strengthen the immune system. It also has properties that help our bodies produce cells that fight off infections. So you can start making your meals with a bit of garlic and you’d get tasty food & a stronger immune system.

7. Holy Basil

spices for immunity
Source: OrganicAuthority

Holy Basil or commonly known as Tulsi is another one that aids our immune system to fight off infection. You could chew some Tulsi leaves straight up or drink water brewed with Tulsi leaves. They are flavourful and help in increasing the fighter cells in our body ensuring we stay healthy & fit.

8. Cardamom

Source: AgricultuePost

Cardamon is another spice for immunity as it ensures that our body stays healthy. It has anti oxidants that lower our blood pressure and maintains the health of our immune system.

9. Saffron

Source: Agronomag

Saffron is a sought-after spice in India… it adds this lovely orange-red color to our foods and is super aromatic. But that’s not it, it also is a quick remedy to a cold. Applying saffron mixed with milk on your forehead can heal you in a jiffy.

We must eat a well-balanced diet… yes…but doesn’t hurt to do a bit more to increase our immunity.
Our immune system improves when we rest well, we breathe correctly & when we eat good, healthy food. So it’s a good idea to start a yoga practice, get enough sleep and add spices to your diet for immunity.

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