Travel13 Surprising Free Virtual Tours You Can Avail Just Now

13 Surprising Free Virtual Tours You Can Avail Just Now

Amid the pandemic, the tourism sector got badly crumbled down. People got trapped between the four walls of their own houses. It was not until the first unlock that people started coming out gradually. However, the tourism sector didn’t get the hype as it used to previously. But thanks to the free virtual tours that have revived almost everyone with their flourished initiative.

13 Surprising Free Virtual Tours You Can Avail Just Now

1. Google

Source: VR Geeks

All the answers to almost all the questions, Google! But not many people know about the free virtual tours that Google VR provide a 360-degree view. Also, you can browse to get a lot of other options for a perfect view of the place.

2. Cyark

Source: Evolving science

One of the most user-friendly free virtual tours you can get is from this website. With a lot of customized features, you can get all around the world with a smooth view, using Cyark. They also provide free virtual tours for kids and adults.

3. Art & Culture – Google

Source: Google Art & Culture

Google even had made it possible for art and culture lovers to get a 360-degree free virtual tour. A great initiative by Google art & culture to make people learn and experience museums and art galleries from home.

4. Louvre

Source: Fodors Travel Guide

Another one on the list of free virtual tours for museum lovers is Louvre. However, this particular website belongs to Paris and is concerned more with the findings in and around that place. Since it is for free, you can just get along any time you want to.

5. The China Guide

Source: The Telegraph

Wondering about the 7 wonders? Well, you can visit at least one of them for the time being. You would not like to risk yourself by getting out of the house. So yay, get a free virtual tour from their website.

6. 360 Tourist

Source: AVWORK

Partnered with a lot of tourism brands, 360 Tourist is one of the best free virtual tours to get a wider view of a particular place. Since it is free, you can visit anywhere in the world at any time you wish.

7. You Visit

Source: Syracuse University

A broad website for not only travel but also home to a lot of virtual events from different niches is You Visit. However, this website is a little area-specific. But this is one of the promising free virtual tours because it shows every minute detail of the place you are searching for.

8. 360 Cities

One of the most popular landmarks you can visit is the Eiffel Tower in Pisa via 360 Cities. All you need to do is to click the link and boom you are in!

9. Explore

Source: Globo Treks

Explore is one of those free virtual tours that helps you to see a lot of things other than just physical places. You can explore the northern lights from the comfort of your home.

10. Earth Cam


The best feature of the Earth Cam as one of the best free virtual tours is that you can watch live waterfalls from all around the earth.

11. Wild Earth

srce: WildEarth TV

Even the wild sphere from all around the globe is also visible in your free virtual tours. You can opt for Wild Earth, which will allow you to watch the wild world from close quarters.

12. English Heritage

Source: English Heritage

As the name suggests, this is one of the free virtual tours that would let you roam virtually around England. You can get a close view of the famous Stonehenge too.

13. Air Pano

Source: Lifewire

Air Pano lets you explore the world with its unique air view feature. You can also drag and zoom as you wish to look into it. You can get to watch a lot of natural features from all around the globe.

Now, there would be no restriction to traveling no matter how far you are from your favorite destination. With these free virtual tours, you can get out of your house without even going out physically.

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