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The Concept of Toxic Masculinity!

After the remarkable rise of feminism and particular gender climatic conditions, many concepts began to be discussed; one topic is toxic masculinity. It is a deeply rooted hiccup situated in the very mentality of the society that needs to be eliminated thoroughly. This problem has existed in the world for a long time and hasn’t still found its way out.

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So, let us talk about toxic masculinity-mentality and the possible reason for its existence.


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Toxic masculinity is a broader concept that tries to dominate a particular trait and personality of a male being. The need to give superiority to certain habits and attributes punches the ‘toxicity’ of this norm.

For example- a man is expected to be physically athletic and brawny. If he is a bit not rusty, he is frowned upon or even bullied in some extreme cases. The culture where a man being aggressive, brutal, or even violent is not given a line of extremity is still very prominent. It is considered ‘manly’ if a guy is unaidedly harsh towards others, specifically women.


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Masculinity is a biological caste that works upon a person, such as femininity. It is a play of hormones, says science. So, we conclude that masculinity is NOT wrong. When certain tales get subjected to being masculine, only then occurs the very problem. When crying becomes anti-masculine, that makes this particular stand wrong and toxic. There is nothing wrong with being masculine for both males and females.

But sometimes, just plain wrong tendencies and qualities become not wrong and become associated with being a ‘real man.


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For your better understanding, here are some examples of toxic masculine traits that you might have just heard daily.

  1. Real men don’t cry, they make others cry.
  2. Be strong, like a man.
  3. Don’t walk like that. Like a girl.
  4. You know what I don’t care, dude.
  5. Love? That is so girl.

These are some latent sayings that you may hear in everyday life. Other mannerism that could also come into this factor of toxic masculinity could be Thinking they are entitled to sex by anyone, not caring or showing feelings, liking only ‘manly’ things, and making fun of other people’s likings that may somehow be subjected to being ‘girly’, being aggressive and using foul language and tone almost every time they open their mouth, being violent and ‘fight, disregarding homosexuality, etc.


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The very making of this, or any concept, is a straightaway deed of society and ourselves (taken we are the part of the society).

From the beginning years of a child, the parent, media, social world, etc., force them to perceive certain customs like a girl should play with a barbie and a boy should only like trucks, monsters, or superheroes and stay away from a barbie. Don’t you remember Ross in FRIENDS forcing Ben to give up its barbie and engage in some ‘manly’ toys?

All the movies and series portray how men need to be ‘manly’ to get a girl. He needs to fight the bad guys or save the dear damsel in distress to prove his worth. In Bollywood, the idea of ‘Asli mard’ has existed for years and hasn’t found its exit.

The notion of treating men and women differently since they step into the world is the real reason behind creating the potion of ‘real mean’, which becomes a severe matter in later life and could even conceive into a fatal foible.


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The very problem behind everything, misogyny, could also be the reason behind the idea of toxic masculinity. Since women, and everything associated with women, have always been abominated and oppressed in the world, being feminine too became a shameful concept. This idea also gave birth to the toxic practice of ‘I am not like other girls.

Men not being ‘manly’ or acting like ‘real men’ could also be needed to repel a female’s personality traits, which are generally characterised as feminine. Hence, men being a bit non-masculine is conceived as feminine and therefore acting like a female, which is despised. 


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A prior change in self-mentality could be the very first step against this toxic mentality. Sometimes we fail to judge and alter the ideas grooving into our own beliefs.

Accept that everyone is a person of own and has certain individuality that need not make sense to you. Before putting someone in ay category and accepting something out of them IS YOUR PROBLEM, NOT THEM. We have to fight misogyny and patriarchy, all of us again together.

And also, don’t let anyone get to you. Be yourself fully and completely. It is one life, my friend, live as you want to live.

Final Words-

Source: The Japan Times

The toxic mentality of masculinity is a rage of danger upon humankind, not just any particular gender, but the whole of humanity. It is crucial to take charge against, and that too a grave one.

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