Travel7 Interesting Things About the Life Of A Scuba Diver

7 Interesting Things About the Life Of A Scuba Diver

Scuba Diving was a term I first heard of back in 2011. On a family holiday to the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, we embarked on this journey to do our first ever dive. I couldn’t wrap my head around it in the beginning. The idea was so new and strange. I was curious to know what it’s like to breathe underwater and, for a little while, feel what it’s like to be a fish!
One try dive later, I was head over heels. Or should I say, head over, fins! Before we knew it, years later, there I was, backpacking with a group of friends, training to be a Scuba Diver.

Have you ever thought of becoming a Scuba Diver? Does it scare you and excite you all at once? If you answered yes to any of those, go ahead… read on about what life is like for a Scuba Diver.
If you answered no, I’d say read anyway because here are seven reasons to become a Scuba Diver…

7 Interesting Things About the Life Of A Scuba Diver

1. You Can Breathe Underwater

You Can Breathe Underwater
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Isn’t it cool to know that we can swim and breathe underwater and watch the beautiful marine life? When you are 18m deep in the water, it’s like time slows down. You are so much more aware of your body, your breath, and in total awe of your surroundings because this new world is blue and magical.

2. You Get To Travel The World

You Get To Travel The World
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Before doing anything, we need to know why we’re doing it to do it well. Each of us needs our own set of motivations. Being a Scuba Diver, you get to travel the world and dive into so many new places. Holidays take a different meaning. Every vacation somehow becomes about being able to dive and see the vast marine world.

3. Live Slow & Experience The Island Life

Live Slow & Experience The Island Life
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You can choose to dive recreationally or make it your day’s work. As a Scuba Diver, you can live life on the remotest of islands in the world and get paid to do what you love doing the most. It doesn’t get better than that.

4. Experience Bliss Everday

Experience Bliss Everday
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Scuba Diving is the healthiest form of exercising, I would say. It relaxes you and requires you to be highly fit. But other than that, it’s also like meditating. You get calmer with nothing to worry about and get to enjoy a beautiful view!

5. You Break Boundaries

You Break Boundaries
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To become a Scuba Diver professionally, you need to undergo a bunch of training courses. The courses, in a way, challenge you to overcome your own fears. Learning any new skill pushes us to break boundaries and grow as a person. And life is so much better when we’re evolving every day.

6. You Make New Buddies

You Make New Buddies
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Scuba Diving is one of those adventure activities that you do in pairs. At no point underwater are you left on your own. Diving like that with someone, you are bound to form a connection and make new friends. As travelers, we are all looking for like-minded people, and Scuba Diving is one of the ways to find your tribe. Divers are a bunch of friendly folks, always down to talk all about their diving experiences.

7. You Get To See Amazing Underwater Life

You Get To See Amazing Underwater Life
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Believe me, when I say this, it really is like a whole new dimension. After your first dive, you realize how little you are as compared to this vast universe. You also understand that nature is breathtaking and how less we appreciate it. And that, you could easily spend all your life looking at the gorgeous marine life and still stay in awe of it.

So if these aren’t reason enough, I don’t know what would be? Go out there, get on that plane, register for a course, and dive into this world of pure joy and love. Because you wouldn’t honestly know what it’s like till you experience it first hand.

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