series8 Things That Make FRIENDS the most iconic show ever

8 Things That Make FRIENDS the most iconic show ever

Do you know which is the most iconic show today? Might I add, even today? Yes, you guessed it just right. It is our very FRIENDS.

Even today, we can find our home in Monica’s apartment, we can relate to Joey’s never-ending hunger, Rachel’s hairstyle is still our very favorite, Ross’s expressions never fail to give us the best laugh in every mood, and Chandler’s sarcasm is the only thing that keeps us going in every situation.

What was so different about this show? Why does it still have a place in everyone’s heart (and Netflix’s My list)? It is not because it has some sort of magic that no other particular show knows how to pull. It is not because it had some ‘extra budget production.’ It is not because it captured the most renowned celebs (though today they are among the most famous and loved stars). So, what is it then? What did FRIENDS do right that no other show did?

Well, here is the list of a few things that make FRIENDS the most iconic show ever!

1. They Were Not Just A Cast; They Were An Ensemble!

Things That Make FRIENDS the most iconic show ever
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All the cast members were real-life friends too, with genuine connection and love. They had as much fun shooting the episodes as it got captured. This crew was unique, relatable, fun, and made an instant connection with the audience.

2. They Dared To Break Norms And Social Prejudices!

Things That Make FRIENDS the most iconic show ever
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Though it is bought into attention today that some of the presented jokes were not okay to land, there were some homophobic and body shaming instances that could be lined, which is quite feasible since this show was created 25 years ago (though it is not an excuse).

Apart from these, FRIENDS bought surprising angles and storylines that were not-so-conventional. For example – All the pregnancies of the lead females were not socially accepted processes. Rachel had a child out of wedlock, Phoebe carried children for her brother, and Monica adopted.

There are many other things that one can list here, but the article would become too long then.

3. They Were Funny And Made Us Laugh!

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From the sarcastic punches of Chandler to Phoebe’s quirky statements, all the jokes were just on point and drastically hilarious. Not to forget Ross’s hysterical reactions, Joey’s dumb-filled scenes, Rachel’s out-of-the-world punches, and Monica’s ‘motherly’ lines.

4. They Grew And Taught Us To Grow!

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As the show paced from season one to ten, we saw our characters grow as these beautiful people with a journey to tell. The most inspiring ones are Rachel’s and Chandler’s. Where Rachel was just a good-for-nothing rich daddy’s daughter who left a guy at the altar, we saw her become a professionally successful woman and with a precious child whom she brought up so beautifully.

When we talk about Chandler, he did a job (we are still perplexed to name) which he did not at all love, he was also a female failure with a loud fear of commitment. Still, we saw him becoming this man who dared to restart his career with something that he cares about with a beautiful wife and adorable twins. He became an amazing husband and (we know) an amazing dad.

5. There Was A Place For Everyone!

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All the six characters were very different from each other. They owned different traits and different personalities. While Phoebe was a carefree person, Monica was a strict cleaner with a binder. Also, where Ross was a sensitive man who cared and showed his concern shamelessly. Joey was a women’s man who did not want a relationship (except with Rachel. Obviously). And where Chandler was an awkward man who joked when he was uncomfortable, Rachel was sometimes whiny and quite reckless with stuff.

The best part was, everyone’s demeanor was appreciated and celebrated. No one was given an upper hand just because of the way they were characterized.

6. Strong Women And Sensitive Men!

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A concept which a lot of people ignore is this. In this amazing show, all the female and male characters were not biased just because of their genders. When Chandler quit his job and was unemployed Monica kept the home running, she was the boss of the house just like Chandler.

Ross made sure that people know that men can cry too. It is nothing to hold back.

7. They Taught Us How To Deal With Life!

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They taught us so much. They taught us the importance of friendship, love, self-love, career, and family. As ‘no one told us life is gonna be this way’ we just have to hold onto our loved ones and ‘be there for them.’

8. They Gave Us A Home Filled With Love!

Source: TODAY

Yes, they did. They loved each other and we loved them. They were our friends too and still are.

FRIENDS were more to us than any other friend. It will always remain one of the favorites, indeed.

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