Craft/DIY6 Things You Can Do With The Awkward Corner At Your Home

6 Things You Can Do With The Awkward Corner At Your Home

Are you bored at the house and in a mood to transform that awkward corner in your room gawking at you, every now and then? Then you have come to the right place! Let’s go through some ideas that you can use to convert that awkward corner at your home that just doesn’t fit in, and replace it with something bright and cheerful.

6 Things You Can Do With The Awkward Corner At Your Home

1. Reading Corner

Reading Corner
Source: Pinterest

Every 1 in 10 people is a bibliophile and what would be the best idea to convert the awkward corner at your home into a reading nook!

Start with buying wall mounted bookshelves that would fit in the corner perfectly. Next, arrange your favourite books on the shelf and leave space for the new ones. Position an armchair with fancy carpets or an ottoman for resting your foot. Throw in some plush cushions to give it a comfortable vibe. Lastly, adorn it with some pretty fairy lights or a small reading lamp to get your very own reading corner!

2. Gallery Corner

Gallery Corner
Source: Modsy Blog

Who doesn’t want to show off their favourite picture collection or art collection to the guests at home?! Now you can utilize that awkward corner to create your own personalized gallery!

Decide the theme of the corner. It could be a display of your favourite memorable moments, or your art collection, or those unique plates you have collected for a while now, or maybe you can display a mix and match of everything. Paint the corner with white paint and arrange your collection in a pattern. You can even install a small sofa with a few cushions and fit in fancy lights on that part of the ceiling!

3. Bar Area

Bar Area
Source: Decoist

Have you been wondering about where to store your expensive wine or scotch collection lately? I have just the perfect idea for you. Why not convert the awkward corner at your home into a mini-bar area!?

Start with selecting the kind of storage you want for the bar. There are a lot of options available. The best one would be to have a mini platform attached for making and serving the drinks. Arrange for some extra seating arrangements if space permits you to keep your guests entertained! To add extra aesthetics, you can try using glass storage units and some fancy lights.

4. Plant Area

Plant Area
Source: connie and luna

Rising pollution levels call for a natural air purifying system at home. An excellent way to utilize the awkward corner at your home would be to put a lot of air-purifying plants in the corner or maybe your favourite flower collection that has been long due to get planted.

Start with creepers and climbers that could be arranged on the walls. Install a few pot stands for potted plants and a table to keep your succulents. Put in some hooks to hang gardening equipment and water cans. You can also try hanging some plants for extra effect. The more, the merrier!

5. Office Space

Office Space
Source: Glamour

An economical way to convert that awkward corner would be to convert it into an office corner, don’t you think?

Install a multi-purpose desk to keep your laptop and other important files to make it an office area. Decorate it with a few photo frames and motivational posters. Keep a small board to doodle points and stick your sticky notes whenever required!

6. Study Space

Study Space
Source: Country Living Magazine

And how about a cozy study space that lets you concentrate on your study? Isn’t it better?

To convert it into a study space, install a floating cupboard on the top and install a reading table below it. Make enough space to keep your desktop and the books together! Throw in a few posters of your favorite bands and favorite drawings to give it a personalized look! Add lights and voila! your study space is ready!

So are you ready to covert that awkward corner at your home into something useful? Try out these ideas and tell us about the experience in the comments below!

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