10 Awesome Things To Do Before Turning 30
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Everyone who is born in this world has some whims and desires one wants to come true. The same is the case with all without exception, be it a man from Italy or Istanbul. But there are things one must do before turning 30 because these are things that are the most exciting as well as satisfying.


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The activity which caps the catalogue of the things one must do before turning 30 is going on a solo trip. This is the most generic of wishes but, come on, this could be the most satisfying experience of your life. Exploring the unexplored world is the fun of life. You will get to experience an entirely different culture from where you were born and get to see the wonderful things around the world.

Reading Novels

Reading Novels
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Finishing at least a hundred volumes of classic works from the most famous writers around the world. I know this sounds a little boring but how many can say that they have done this and who knows, maybe you will fall in love with these classics, and they will forever be part of your bedside nightstand.

Foreign Language

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Another interesting element one must do before turning 30 is learning a foreign language, and showing it off to your friends. Well, I know this isn’t the most original of thoughts but one can imagine the thrill of knowing an entirely different language that is not spoken anywhere around you. It helps open several new avenues in that part of the world.

Exploring The Sky

Exploring The Sky
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Skydiving may not be the safest of the thrills, but what else should one expect from a young and happening person? It is one of the most recognized adventure sports in the world and is most frankly a desire for many people around the globe. I personally feel that it’s a pointer in the list of things one must do before turning 30 as after the 30s we usually back out from taking risks. Just imagine the thrust of air hitting you while you are thousands of feet above the ground, and scenery so beautiful that no camera can ever capture, and no mind can ever forget.


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Learn to cook and if you already know then try to cook a different cuisine. This may sound unusual, but to be able to taste food and delicacies made by your own hands is an amazing experience on its own. Take it from a person who doesn’t know how to cook!

Shop For Yourself

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Splurge on something that you cannot afford with ease but have always wanted. Believe it or not, you are already in your 30s, soon you will have the responsibility of tuition fees of your kids, medical bills of your parents, and so on and so forth. This time may never come and you may never be able to buy that one (or many) expensive dress that you always wanted. Your favourite car, that Rolex you envied on your boss’s wrist and so on. Come on, you have worked hard and saved enough from your job and this is the time to reward yourself.

Falling In Love

Falling In Love
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Dating someone who is definitely not your type (or out of your league, if possible). This may sound like a piece of weird advice or a thing to want, but you never know what you can learn from exploring. Maybe, that relationship is doomed from the day it begins but think of all the thrills you get to enjoy that may not be your comfort zone. It can be a rewarding experience as well, and you can learn that the one for you was the one you never wanted.

Buy Your Dream House

Buy Your Dream House
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Buy a house (or a flat). Not to sound like an old prune but you are never going to be as independent as you are now and your expenditures will only rise with time. Maybe this is the only time for you to invest in something that guarantees your future and something worthwhile. Later on, you will have kids and a partner which entail a great expenditure and buying a house may be a far distant dream at that time than it is now.

Express You Affection Towards Your Parents

Express you affection towards your parents
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Getting your parents a gift that they would never buy for themselves but will always cherish. Yes, this is the truth of life, without your parents’ support and cooperation you will have never amounted to anything (most likely). And this is the time to make them realize that they are as important to you as you are to them. Thus, add this to your list of things one must do before turning 30.

Melodious Notes Are Your Ultimate Pleasure

Melodious Notes Are Your Ultimate Pleasure
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And last, learn to play a musical instrument. This is an all-time desire for people to be able to play something and play it well. This is the prime time of your life, you are the liveliest you will ever be. So go on and learn to play an instrument and maybe come out with a music album or something.

With this, we come to an end of the menu-bar of things one must do before turning 30. Following your passion and hobbies is something you shouldn’t shy away from. One must always root for the sole purpose of living- to live life to the fullest and remember that it’s better to regret doing something rather than to regret not doing it at all.

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