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Top 11 Cracked Celebrities Who Lost The Respect Of Their Fans!

As they say, fandom is hard to achieve and even harder to maintain. Gaining someone’s respect is a big deal. It takes years and years to build that kind of reputation, but it is much easier to lose respect in someone’s eyes. We all know a few people who have lost their respect in our eyes. But did you know that they are a few cracked celebrities who lost respect in the eyes of their fans?

Let’s have a, look at those celebrities.

Michael Jackson

Source: YouTube

Michael Jackson has ruled over the hearts of people for several years. However, he became one of the cracked celebrities who, even after his stardom, has lost lots of respect in the eyes of his fans. He already got away with many civil and criminal lawsuits, including a sexual abuse case too. That is until he was found guilty of sexually abusing a child who drew the vitiligo mark of his genitals and submitted it to the investigators, it matched Jackson’s genitals.

Ellen DeGeneres

Source: DNA India

This 62-year-old comedian and TV host is a very famous personality who is loved by everyone worldwide. She has more than 37 million subscribers on YouTube and is also one of the wealthiest celebs in the USA. She has been continuously accused of being a bully on and off the workplace and having a toxic workplace. Likewise, she is also being accused of being insensitive and ignorant after she called being at home during a pandemic is like being in prison. Looking at the fact, she has a massive house with all the possible luxuries. This is how she lost her respect and chained down as one of the cracked celebrities.

Charlie Sheen

Source: YouTube

This ‘Two and a Half Men’ star’ received a lot of love and was also the highest-paid TV celeb of his time. He earned $1.25 million/ episode for this series. He later on admitted to being addicted to cocaine, and things went downhill since then. Not only that, But he became another one in the list of cracked celebrities who was accused of rape allegations, domestic violence, and indulged in prostitution.

Tony Lopez

Source: Insider

Tony Lopez is a very famous TikTok star having millions and millions of followers on the app. He recently made headlines for sexually abusing two minors by asking for their intimate and nude photos. Reportedly the girls were of age 15 and 16. However, Lopez denied all the charges, but it is not the first allegation that has been denied by one of these cracked celebrities.

The Kardashians

Source: Skynews

The Kardashian has always managed to be in the headlines for being the cracked celebrities. They are continuously being accused of spreading fake body positivity and creating the useless perfect body image in the eyes of their fans. Also, how can we forget the number of times they have broken the COVID-19 guidelines. Kylie broke it for celebrating her daughter’s 3rd birthday, and Kim celebrated her 40th birthday on a private island. They have also been clubbing and partying now and then, which has enlisted them among the celebrities who lost their respect.

Logan Paul

Source: The Verge

Logan Paul is one of the most famous YouTubers of this generation. He gained fame through his practical jokes, and he has around 23 million subscribers on YouTube. He received massive criticism after he visited a place called suicide forest in Japan. Likewise, he found a dead body, and he took it very jokingly. It wasn’t well-received by his fans and got huge criticism which made his way among the cracked celebrities. He left social media for a while until he came back after his massive apology.

Jeffree Star

Source: Dexterto

Jeffree Star is a world-famous beauty star, and he is one of those persons who have made it on their own. He has more than 16 million subscribers on YouTube and a massive following on Instagram too. He also has his makeup range, and still, he is one of the cracked celebrities who managed to lose respect amongst his fans. How? Furthermore, he was accused of being a racist, misogynist, and defaming other beauty bloggers. He also received major backlash after launching his cremated eyeshadow palette. It was launched during the COVID-19 period when people were losing their close and loved one’s daily.

Zoe Laverne

Source: Medium

This 19-year-old TikTok star had over 17 million followers and more than 2 million followers on Instagram and 500k on YouTube. But things changed from the last 6 months after she lip-locked with a 13-year-old fan and developed feelings for him. She was also blamed for abusing and cheating by him and his ex-boyfriend. As of now, she has checked herself out of social media and admitted herself to a hospital. But this didn’t erase the fact she belongs to the list of cracked celebrities.


Source: NME

Madonna uploaded a video in which she was in a bathtub surrounded by rose petals. While she was in the bathtub, she shares a very weird shred of wisdom, stating that COVID-19 has made everyone an equalizer. She called it great because it made us all equal, and what makes it terrible is that it made all of us equal. Madonna received huge criticism on this video of hers, which made her lose a huge fan base and respect, followed by being called the cracked celebrities.

Bill Cosby

Source: USA Today

Everyone loved him until the news broke about him that he is a serious sexual abuser. He has more than 60 cases filed against him of sexual assault. He was also accused of molesting and drugging an actor in his home in Philadelphia. Furthermore, he is currently serving a jail term of 3 to 10 years as one of the cracked celebrities. 

Myka and James Stauffer

Source: Distractify

This YouTube couple adopted a Chinese kid in 2017. The adoption cost was sponsored by the brands. The child suffered from a certain disorder called autism level 3. The couple stopped featuring him in their posts, and after the confrontation with their fans, they accepted that they had re-homed him. This made them have many backlashes, and they lost thousands of followers, and they became cracked celebrities.

So you know, being a celebrity is pretty tough. You never know what is going to come. Even with minor mistakes that every average person might commit, a celebrity faces several questions because they become the role model. Therefore, they need to be cautious about their deeds and stay responsible.

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