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Top 21 Things You Didn’t Know About Rolls-Royce

Everyone in the world would agree that Rolls-Royce is the most luxurious automobile in the industry. This car defines class, and no one can take their eyes off this beauty. But there are still so many things that people do not know about this luxury automobile brand.

So, Find Out About The Top 21 Things You Didn’t Know About Rolls-Royce:

1. The Iconic Hood

Things You Didn't Know About Rolls-Royce
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The iconic hood that can be seen on the top of every car of this brand is known as ‘The Spirit of Ecstasy.’ The name was given after a person named Eleanor Thorton. This woman had an affair with a man who had great wealth. That man wanted to pay tribute to his muse and hence, commissioned this iconic hood in her memory.

2. Sir Henry Royce Made The Sketches Of The Engine While On A Beach

Source: rollsroycepress

Sir Henry Royce was once walking down the beach with a few of his engineers when an idea of an engine struck in his head. He quickly sketched that engine. The Merlin engine gave the same performance and also lasted longer.

3. The Iconic Hood Was Not Registered

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The iconic hood of the luxurious car brand Rolls-Royce was not registered for a very long period. It only got its registered trademark in the year 1974.

4. The Hood Is Worth $40 M

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BMW acquired the rights to this hood from Volkswagen in the year 2002. The rights of this iconic hood were alone worth $40 M. In today’s time, you can customize this hood and also make this of gold or illuminating crystals. Also, the hood can be lowered in the car just for the sake of security features.

5. The Brand Was Founded To Compete With Horses And Trains

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Back in that time, when cars were not a common means of transport, the founders’ major competition was horses and trainers. They believed that cars could become the most-loved means of transport in the future.

6. The Oldest RR Dates Back To 1904

Source: wikipedia

The oldest car of this brand that is still on the road dates back to 1904. The car is 10 HP, and it is owned by a Scottish man, Thomas Lobe Jr. It still holds the testament of the overall quality and features some of the most eye-catchy detailing.

7. The Founder Was The First Man To Fly Across The English Channel

Source: rollsroycepress

The founder of this iconic brand was an avid aviator in his time. He was the first man to fly both ways across the English Channel in 95 minutes. He was also the first Britisher to die in a plane crash as the tail of his flight broke off, and he died on 12th July 1910.

8. Hong Kong Has The Most Rolls Royce

Source: rollsroycepress

Now you must be wondering which country has the most Rolls Royce per capita in the world. So, the answer is Hong Kong. It is an admired status of wealthy people in that country. The Peninsula hotel owns a fleet of 14 phantom models of Rolls-Royce.

9. The RR Letter Is Always In An Upward Direction

Source: carkhabri

The RR letters on the wheels of the car are always in an upward direction. This luxury automobile is made in such a way that even if you brake, the letters would still face an upward position.

10. The Most Expensive Rolls-Royce Costs $8.5 M

Source: allperfectstories

The most expensive Rolls-Royce in the world is priced at $8.5 M. The car is named Phantom Solid Gold, and its trims, wheels, front grille, boot handle, etc., are made up of 120 kgs of 18k gold. The car is luxurious and supremely gorgeous.

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11. The Radiator Grille Is Made Entirely By Eyes And Hand

Source: notoriousluxury

The radiator grille of this sumptuous car is made without any measuring instruments. It is made entirely by hands and eyes, and it takes a man a whole day to make 1 grille. It also takes 5 hours to polish that grille.

12. The Company Makes Nuclear Reactors

Source: popularmechanics

Rolls-Royce is one of those companies that make their nuclear reactor with the help of some US tech. They make it for British submarines, and in exchange, the company helps the US in making the submarines a little quieter.

13. There’s No Photo Of The Founders Together

Source: yourtechstory

Both the founders of the company, Rolls and Royce, have no picture together. It is hard to believe, but that’s true. Both the founders have no photograph together in the record.

14. It Takes 6 Months To Build An RR

Source: cbsnews

The start-to-end finishing of the RR takes 6 months. Just to compare, a Toyota car can be made in 13 hours. From this, you can imagine the amount of effort and detail put into the making of every car of this brand.

15. A Modern RR Doesn’t Have A Cigarette End

Source: rollsroycepress

This incredible car has a lot of details that anyone could imagine. It has a custom system for the cigarettes that automatically clean the ashtray, so riders can have the best experience.

16. Henry Royce Was Always Known As ‘R’

Source: rollsroycepress

Sir Henry Royce, the founder of the company, was always addressed by the people as ‘R.’ It was specially written on the memorandum, and people at the factory also called him ‘R.’

17. The ‘R’ Plane Had The Fastest Engine

Source: englishheritage

The ‘R’ plane broke every record in the 1930s regarding speed. Sir Henry Segrave set the speed record in his boat. Unfortunately, his boat hit a log, and he died soon after being told that he had set the record.

18. They Use Bull’s Leather

Source: luxurylaunches

Rolls Royce uses bull hides for the leather of their cars. They raise these bulls, especially in the European region, because that place has fewer mosquitoes. The company is driven to provide the best quality to its customers, and hence, they do not compromise with anything.

19. RR Only Created Motors And Chassis Till 1949

Source: wikipedia

Before 1949, RR was never used to make the body of cars. They only made motors and chassis, and they commissioned the body from a coachbuilder. RR created the body for the first time for the 1949 Silver Dawn. This was only the second car made after World War II.

20. The Vehicles Are Still Handmade

Source: rollsroyce

RR has been in the market for more than a century, and many parts of its vehicles are still handmade. All the RR professionals that work in the factory undergo extensive training to ensure the quality of the cars is of extremely high standards.

21. All Pinstripes Are Hand-Painted By A Single Man

Source: robbreport

Mark Court, an artist, earned a six-figure income for hand-painting the pinstripes. All thanks to his steady hands and the special paints that bond instantly with the car’s underlying paint. In case of any mistake, the car needs to get painted again.

RR has always been one of the most luxurious car brands in the world. Everyone dreams of owning at least one RR in their lifetime, but very few know about some of the hidden facts about the company.

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