Relationship15 Unsaid Things That Women Love In Men

15 Unsaid Things That Women Love In Men

What do men like in women? What do women like in men? What do women like in women? What do men like in men? A difficult thing to answer, right? Not really!

For now, let’s talk about (probably) the most debated one, what women like in men? Despite you being a good person, one has their personal choices and preferences. Though some quite basic yet important things could be addressed that women prefer in men, that is unsaid and underrated.

15 Unsaid Things That Women Love In Men

Before moving on, you must understand that we can never speak for all and the mentioned things are solely based on the understanding of the writer.

1. Kindness And Emotions

Kindness And Emotions
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It is a mere misconception that girls only like guys who are ‘bad boys.’ It might occur in the teenage phase but it is not the real case. A woman looks for a guy who is emotional and shows his feelings. It also means that they understand those same feelings and reciprocate.

I mean, if a guy feeds stray dogs, there, you won the girl.

2. Knowledge And Awareness Of The World

Knowledge And Awareness Of The World
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Yes, you read that right. Neither guys nor girls like people who are ‘dumb.’ A person might not be the wittiest one, but at least he should be aware of the world with the basic and latest news.

3. Being A Good Listener

Being A Good Listener
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This probably is not that much unsaid but still. A man should listen, and not just hear. Nodding is not enough. Let’s just make one thing clear, if a girl asks for a man to listen that doesn’t mean she is ‘high-maintenance.’ You are in a relationship and she at least deserves your attention.

4. Who Talks and Share

Who Talks and Share
Source: ahealthiermichigan

We talked about being a listener, but also, he should share his feelings too. A man too deserves to talk and tell. Women look forward to listening to men.

Anyways, it is an essential part of a relationship, hence both people need to be attentive regarding each other’s life.

5. Being an equal in the relationship

Being an equal in the relationship
Source: medium

Yes, the most underrated yet vital thing is this one. If two people are in a relationship, they must be equal and should be confined to do things, equally. Women don’t like to be ‘saved’ or want their bills to be paid. Neither does she want the man to be the only one who gives surprises or for that matter, proposes.

It is not just a factor of feminism; it is a sign of a good relationship. Rather than the men being the cook, or women being the cook, both of them should cook together.

6. Giving space

Giving space
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And having space too. A relationship needs love and romance, and at the same time, it needs space and time to breathe. It is good for mental health and even strengthens the bond.

7. Being friends with THE best friend

Being friends with THE best friend
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Ohhhh! The most important one. A woman wants the two closest people of her life to be good friends.

Also, the best friend will take your side in fights.

8. Meeting his guys

Meeting his guys
Source: Romantific

If she expects you to be friends with her friend, she will want to be your friend’s friend. Make sure you give her a proper introduction in front of your gang. It makes her feel loved and it gives her a sense of security in her life.

9. Having long ‘meaningless yet meaningful’ conversations

Having long ‘meaningless yet meaningful’ conversations
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Yes, those. Again, these things go both ways. A guy and a girl, both of them, benefit from these conversations. It makes a relationship stronger than ever. As the relationship gurus say, communication is crucial. And it is.

10. Planning the future

Planning the future
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If a woman is in love with you, she would like to know whether she has a future with you or not.

Despite the girl’s wants, future planning is important for any relationship. And to be aware of the prospects of one another and of the relationship’s future is vital. It saves both of them from ‘bad’ surprises in the coming times.  

Imagine if Monica never had a ‘future’ conversation with Richard in Friends, she would have had been stuck.

11. Knows what to wear

Knows what to wear
Source: xhaami

Yes! Fashion sense attracts women big time. For a better impression, know the girl’s favorite color on guys (because that differs from girl to girl) and wear that color’s shirt. It is cute and impressive.

12. Smells good

Smells good
Source: MensXP

Being clean is one thing, but smelling good is another. It is obviously up to the guy whether he wants to bathe or just skip it (don’t skip it so much, though. It is not healthy), but then again girls prefer men who smell good. It is definitely a turn-on.

13. Makes laugh, but also laughs

Makes laugh, but also laughs
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Sense of humor is literally the most essential need in a guy, for a girl. But at the same time, a guy should also know how to laugh. Girls are funny too, you know. Laugh along with them. Watch a cat dance on YouTube and laugh. Do that!

14. Trying so hard (too much)

Trying so hard (too much)
Source: Men’s Health

Again, break the freaking stereotype. Women don’t (at least not anymore) like to play hard to get. Women are forward and even take the first step in the relationship. Putting an effort to ‘win’ the girl is a good thing and girls do like that. But once the ‘NO’ comes, the effort should cease right there, right away. (This goes both sides)

15. Opinionated

Source: wikihow

Having opinions and being strongly motivated for it, is another thing girls like in men. These opinions should be not limited to one thing, per se video games. These opinions should be of politics, the world, social issues, etc.

Final Words

Apart from the mentioned traits, having basic maturity and heartfulness is also important to impress a woman, and vice versa. But again, it definitely differs from person to person. Let us know what you (a woman) like in men.

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