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9 Ways For An Introvert To Be More Fun

Being fun! What does it essentially mean? This question has haunted introverts looking to merge in social circles for generations, and might just do so for many of the coming years. We’ve seen quite a few people looking extremely flustered in social situations, in every possible setting, from parties to educational institutions. So, in an attempt to assist our introverted friends, we’ve brought a few ways to be more fun and change for the better!

With Great Power Comes Great Awareness

Don't be a joker
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This is a disclaimer. A joker is not welcome in a board meeting now, is he? So, while we’re imparting this huge asset of being more fun to our lovely audience, it is to be exercised with great caution. A sense to understand if the situation requires a fun person should be possessed by he who shall wield this power!

9 Ways For An Introvert To Be More Fun

1. Chill Out!

Chill Out!
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Since when is having a stick up your butt all the time not considered fun? I’ll tell you, since always. Stop taking yourself so seriously, would you? Someone who is always stuck up and judgemental isn’t someone people like to hang out with to have fun. They might be able to get things done, but they’re not the ones who’ll get the most hangout invitations.

2. Get More Active

Get More Active
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Sitting on your couch with a bunch of potato chips in a big bowl while we read this article, are we? Get up, take a shower, and get the heck out of your house! Move around and see what is going on! Get moving and channel that energy into being a more fun individual.

3. Know About The World

 Know About The World
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This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to know about things like what is being cooked in the President’s home, but expanding your horizons and gaining knowledge about a variety of subjects gives you a higher probability to be able to engage a diverse audience. On the other hand, uninformed introverts are seldom considered fun now, aren’t they?

4. Be Funny

Be Funny
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The word “funny” is made out of the word “fun”! Someone who is funny is by default considered fun. For instance, you have the choice to stand with one of the two people for 10 minutes. Your friend Dale, who has been nicknamed dull Dale, because of his sense of humor and the other is your friend Derek, who can make you gasp for air just with his jokes. Which one do you choose?

5. Embrace Spontaneity

 Embrace Spontaneity
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Doing the same thing we’ve been doing for the last 48 years can hardly count as fun. Even as an introvert, you can always explore and push your limits. Go to a restaurant that you have never tried before. Travel to places that you haven’t seen before. This gives you a bunch of stories to tell people. And people love to engage with those who have interesting stories to tell.

6. Have A Passion

Have A Passion
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There comes a special twinkle in your eyes when you talk about something you’re dearly into. Having a passion makes you more attractive and more fun to be around. Also, when you pursue something you are extremely passionate about, it helps you build contact with like-minded people!

7. Socialize

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Quite opposite of what introverts have been built to do, meeting a lot of different types of people makes you a lot more fun to be around. Like attracts like, am I right? When you hang out with a huge variety of people, you learn more. And when you learn more, you have more to talk about.

8. Develop Hobbies

 Develop Hobbies
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By hobbies, I don’t mean the ones you tell when asked during job interviews like “I like listening to music,” “I like reading”. Yeah well, everyone does that. Be more specific! Learn about the hobbies that you currently have and develop more hobbies. They will act as conversation starters and make you appear more interesting and fun to the people in your social circles.

9. Listen, And Really Listen

We’ve talked about a bunch of things that would give you a ton to add to your talking arsenal. But it’s just as important to listen. Let’s be real, no one likes a blabbermouth. I know you’ve amassed quite a bit to talk about, but give the other person the opportunity to speak!

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