Tips and Tricks3 Best Ways of Time Management in Stressful Hours

3 Best Ways of Time Management in Stressful Hours

Eternity is yet an imaginary theory and the truth prevails that time moves collaterally with our actions and waits for none.

Hence, it’s very important to manage every precious juncture of life. In stressful situations, the most important aspect is time management. Especially when we feel that the countdown has begun, we start panicking. These are the circumstances when instead of taking stress, we need to conquer maximum challenges. In stressful hours, 90% of us blank out, and we just don’t realize what we are supposed to do.

Hence, here we twin avocados offer you some ways to utilize your time effectively during a stressful juncture.

3 Best Ways of Time Management in Stressful Hours

1. A night before examination


A lot to study!! Almost the whole syllabus is yet to be covered!! This thought itself is stressful and panic is obvious. But one needs to realize there is no choice to make an easy escape. Hence, don’t think much because you have to start with something and as far as studies are concerned, I feel a kick start should always be done with topics you have a little knowledge about, reasons being- a) You finish it in less time and b) It boosts your confidence and releases the stress up to some extent. Now step one is over. We go for –

Step 2: Try to cover the essential topics foremost. This will reduce your burden.

Step 3: Get an insight into the previous year’s questions. Possibly, take help of your friends.

Step 4: If you often face difficulty in memorizing what you studied a few hours back. Here’s your clue, jot down the points in your own terminology (the maximum length must be one or two lines) after the completion of every topic.   

 This will also be helpful while writing your examination because often a common drawback which transpires is that when we pour in a lot of information at once, our brain blanks out the moment it has to pen down the same.


Heeding the above steps and through smart time management, you might surpass your assessment with ample marks. Just keep calm. Savor a suitable quantity of water to stabilize your mind, and it’ll keep you stirred up the whole night.

Caution: Don’t waste much of your time gossiping with friends and offering or obtaining mental support. Avoid long debates on guessing the questions which might show up in the question paper. Stay focused and try your best to avoid all unnecessary stuff for improved time surveillance.

2. Have to board a train or flight


This is one of the most stressful situations as here even time management can solve the problem only up to 50%, the rest is up to your presence of mind. Leaving early is always the best choice in this case.

However, we may be tardy and the reasons for the unpunctual demeanor may be numerous as any crisis can reach you at the last moment. For example, you took off from your place in time, but then got stuck in traffic and I believe most of us have been in this pathetic situation. Now, it’s in our hands whether to panic and waste more time or think of ways through which we can cover up the squandered juncture. What I do in such a situation is as follows:

  1. Cross-check if I am carrying all the essential documents like visa, passport, id proofs, ticket, etc and keep everything handy.
  2. Phone the airlines on the helpline numbers for support, convey them your dilemma and tell them that you’ll be late for some reason so that they don’t take much time during the fulfillment of formalities.
  3. If heading towards the station, keep checking for the live updates of the train timing, and probably contact some relative who stays near the junction so that the person may help you with the luggage.

The regulations regarding mounting the flight or train are quite rigorous and no favoritism is perpetrated no matter whether you are a celebrity or a commoner, the rules being the same for everyone. This situation practically symbolizes that time waits for none, thus, we must start valuing it.

3. Always late for the workplace

going to work

Some of us get into a habit of being unpunctual for our workplace or institution. Pre-planning travel is an effective method to dissuade indecent behavior. Getting late for work every day and making excuses can cost you your job.

We have always heard that time and tide wait for none, one of the most common proverbs but it’s meaning is as deep as the sea. A simple hack to effective time management is formulating a small to-do list at night for the upcoming day to operate it properly and stay tension-free. Once you have all your plans handy, work accordingly to deter yourself from squandering the precious quantity.

Time Management is essential to be successful

time management

Some people have definitely learned the hack of getting ready within less time either by starting early or working smart. But the heftiest enemies of time are those who fritter it. Procrastinators will always fall short of time as they squander it mercilessly and pan out regretting and bearing difficulty.

Like it’s said, time is as precious as money, so, we should make maximum use of every solitary minute.

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