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7 Ways To Be Your Own Best Friend

We have all grown up listening to this famous quote at least once in our lives. This quote is not just about our own lives but also has a part in friendship. Friendship is the basic necessity of our life, well, of course, after food, water, and shelter. Friendship is a need of longing for feeling loved. But we don’t focus on how to be our own best friend. We make friends starting from our childhood. However, when we are younger, we don’t understand the epitome of friendship. We don’t understand the deep meaning of it. So let’s delve into the ways where we get to know how to be our own best friend.

7 Ways To Be Your Own Best Friend

1. It’s Never Too Late

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Mostly, when we are not mature enough to distinguish between right and wrong, we believe what we think is right. We ignore what our parents or elders say and do what we like. However, as the years pass by, we understand that we have many temporary people in life. Then comes a time when we realize that our elders were right. Not every person we think is our friend, and we try to figure out how to be our own best friend. If we want to befriend other people, we have to choose our friends very carefully and confine ourselves to a few trustworthy people.  

It’s never too late to open up to yourself, change yourself, understand your goals, learn to let go of people, and learn to hold on to dear ones. It is never too late. Still, better late than never.

2. Only You Are Permanent; To Learn To Let Go


People are temporary, but the memories we make with them are permanent, so what’s important is to cherish the memories and let go of people if they want to. The moments you lived were beautiful, and no one can take them away from you. But that time is gone now, and life is moving on. Keep moving with it.

All that remains behind you is yourself, your feelings, and your experiences. You can have friends in your life, but you also need to know how to be your own best friend at first only then can you love other people. The theory is that you have to love yourself first.

3. Know Yourself Better — Keep A Journal

If you wonder how to be your own best friend, you should opt for the best way to live a healthy life. That’s why doctors suggest that journal writing is therapeutic. It helps you know your most significant strengths and weaknesses and help you overcome your emotional imbalances and your flaws. Share your biggest fears with yourself, say them out loud, try to see things from different perspectives, think of all the possibilities and probabilities, stand in front of the mirror, look yourself in the eye, and be confident.

In this way, you will be your best friend. You will realize that you have to get clarity to all of your confusion. Be honest with yourself, and above all, accept yourself as you are. This will help you know yourself better.

4. Minimize Your Expectations From Others

Source: Daily Observer

The more you expect from others, the more you will get hurt. Expect nothing from anyone; talk to yourself about things you are unclear about. People come and go. And many times we become dependent on some people. We mostly depend on them emotionally, and that’s where life hits us hard.

No one in this world will take a stand for you or do things for you. You have to be there for yourself. You have to stand for your own. So expect less from others. But don’t expect less from yourself. That means never underestimate yourself. You can do anything if you want to. Giving up is not an option.

5. “Me Time” Is Mandatory

Source: Inspire My Style

Treat yourself well, not just the body but also the mind, same as you treat a friend. Eat healthy, exercise, meditate or read, give your soul the peace it wants. In the steps of being your own best friend, you need to celebrate your flaws, adapt your loneliness, and convert it into your comfort zone. If you start accepting reality, you will try to be your best friend and soon become one. Further, you will realize that life is worth living.

Indeed, spend “Me time” to know how to be your own best friend without much effort. Invest in yourself doing things that you like. Reading good books, articles, and blogs, listening to music, painting, sketching, dancing, singing, whatever your hobby is, keep it alive. “Our hobbies are our biggest reflection.” They reflect what we are and who we are.

6. Never Lose Yourself. Love Yourself

Source: Additude

We are afraid of saying a few things out loud in the crowd. We fear the judgment of others. Furthermore, we stress over the opinion of outsiders and the rumors that can go on about us in society. Basically, with all this stuff in our minds, we start losing ourselves. That is how we tend to forget that no one but we can make us happy. It is essential to prioritize ourselves to find out how to be our own best friend.

It would help if you accepted that society doesn’t care about you. No matter what you do, they need gossip. But you need yourself and need to learn how to be your own best friend. Don’t fear people, and be proud of what you are. If you are aware of your deeds, others’ opinions will never bother your existence. So, ignore what society has to say about you and against you. Just focus on being your own best friend and don’t lose yourself with the flow. 

7. Believe In Yourself

Source: Tiny Buddha

Be an open book for yourself, open it to people you trust, close it to the toxic people of your life. This is the way you will learn how to be your own best friend. Don’t let them gain power over your innocence and take advantage. You will always have a life with or without them. You will have yourself, and to be very honest, to be your own best friend will be the best gift you can give to yourself.

Therefore, at the end of the day, listen to people, yes, listen to them but don’t believe everything they say. Adapt only what you feel is right; otherwise, let it go. Listen to your heart and know how to be your own best friend. No one can be fully satisfied with you, and you are not born to impress society. If you listen to everyone, there will be nothing left in you of your own. Let go of the toxicity. Be your own self and be your own best friend!

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