Personality Development15 Ways To Embrace Your Inner Child

15 Ways To Embrace Your Inner Child

Remember when we were little how everything was playful, fun, and adventurous? We laughed the loudest, spoke out our hearts, and enjoyed each moment like it was our last… The world was lovely, we were pure but, somewhere along the line, growing up things changed. Our lenses got tinted and cloudy and we stopped being the sweet little kids we used to be. But it’s never too late to make life fun again, never too late to grow young(at heart) again…Embrace your inner child, Embrace that playfulness & Learn to Love Again.

15 Ways To Embrace Your Inner Child

1. Revisit Your Childhood

Embrace Your Inner Child – Revisit Your Childhood
Source: SoCity

What did you like doing most as a child? What was it that you could spend hours doing and did a lot back then? I remember spending a lot of time by myself in the balcony and watching the sky… & over time I’ve come to realise when I don’t spend time with myself, thats when sadness creeps in.

2. Let Yourself Be Curious

Source: EmbracingTheUnexpected

Don’t hold back or stop yourself from wanting to ask questions and knowing things. Curiosity leads to discovering some wonderful things and often is what guides us to what we love too. Let your mind wander off and think about things that it find interesting. Research about those things, read up, and find answers to your questions.

3. Don’t Care About What People Might Think

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Do things that you wish to do….want to dance to loud music? DO it! Want to sing in the middle of the night? DO it!
Don’t let what others might think of you stop you from doing what your heart wants to….. allow yourself to BE!

4. Let Yourself Dream

Source: WallpaperSafari

You remember when you were little and you’d go like… I’m going to go to SPACE one day…. and every few months that dream may change but as we grow up, we let some of our dreams fade off. Why? Because we got thinking about responsibilities, money, time, and all those adulthood things…. so I’m going to tell you let yourself imagine…. allow yourself to dream big and know that whatever you choose to do, you can!

5. Watch An Animated Movie

Source: MyDomaine

It’s rather strange that as a child I didnt watch that many animated movies…. but now, now that I’m what a ‘grown up’ I deeply enjoy watching animated movies. They are light, they are fun and they convey truth in the most beautiful way. All the lessons you truly need for life are hidden in these animated movies. Ditch School, Watch Disney I’d say!

6. Play

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Play fun games, play board games, play and run in open fields. Allow yourself to snap out of the world and be free like you did when you were little.

7. Dress As You Like

Source: i1xp

Wear whatever you like. Red Shirt Pink Pants? YEAH! Polka Dotted Socks? BIG BIG YES! Don’t let the society decide how you should dress….let that creative funky kid in you shine.

8. Treat Yourself

Source: Royce

Yes we are all grown up and I’m all big for having a balanced healthy lifestyle, but every once in a while, treat yourself. Have that extra sweet without feeling guilty. As long as you work out and stay fit and eat good — a little sweet aint hurting no body!

9. Love Unconditionally

Source : KrazyInLove

As kids we didnt know heartbreak, we loved everyone and everything with all our heart. As we grew up, heart breaks clouded out lenses. Bring back that innocence. Allow yourself to love freely without any limitations.

10. Jump In that Rain Puddle

Source: ActiveRain

We stop ourselves now, dont we? Our mind goes oh cmon you’d dirty your shoes your clothes….and besides you’re not a kid anymore. But…. deep down you know you want to, how can you not? It’s so freeing and so much fun….so go outside, enjoy a rainy day and yes, jump, jump in that rain puddle till you sing with joy!

11. Be Honest

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As children, we always spoke our minds. Our words weren’t based on what the other person wanted to hear. they were truthful. So now we’re all grown up but that purity of a child is what we all wish to have back….so speak your mind, always!

12. Cry, Scream, Shake It Off

Source: LucianoDiaz

Let go of any negative emotions you might be feeling. Allow yourself to feel them though, but then let them pass, let them go. Cry if you must to release. Scream your lungs out to let go of anger and breathe it all out.

13. Allow Your Creative Self To Shine

Embrace Your Inner Child – Be Creative

Whatever you do, go all out. packing a box, allow yourself to be as creative as you’d like. Get your glitter pens and stickers out if that’s what you like. Create a beautiful-looking card if that calls out to you. Whatever you like, go for it and go all the way!

14. Laugh out Loud

Source: Dribble

Have a hearty day….one where the stomach hurts till your stop. Watch something hilarious, dont take things personally and enjoy things to the fullest. Find Joy where you can and laugh, laugh out loud. If you can make yourself, you’d be so much happier in life.

15. Write a Letter To Your Younger Self

Source: MyJewishLearning

Write to the little self in you…. forgive if you weren’t kind, be grateful for the times you stood up for you. Let your inner child know that you learned from all your life experiences & overcame fears. Write all about how thankful you are that you enjoyed your childhood. But also promise her that you’d continue to live life to the fullest.

This doesn’t mean you are kiddish, but you bring that childlike innocence and honesty into everything you do. You allow that love to flow through you, while you take responsibility for your actions as an adult. So smile, be kind, and love every moment of what they call ‘Adulthood’ Embrace the child in you. Hug the child in you. Love the child in you.

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