Facts23 Weird Laws From Around The World!

23 Weird Laws From Around The World!

Don’t laws and regulations sound drastic and serious? Well, they are. But it might come as a shock to you that there are many laws in many different countries that will surely make you go ‘what the hell’ or you end being even more struck. These rules aren’t much life-changing yet hold importance, at least in that particular country.

So here are 23 weird laws from around the world

1. Thailand

Source: apnews

Don’t you dare step out of your house without wearing underwear, the Thailand police will not forgive you for it.

2. Italy

Source: alux

This beautiful country has a very strict NO-NO for men wearing a skirt. Guys, do you really need this law, uh?

3. Georgia

Source: medium

Dear Chicken-lovers, don’t let your chicken cross the road in Georgia. It is against the rule.

4. Mexico

Source: brighterworld

You cannot shout any foul and ill words in any public place. Well, a good law indeed!

5. Singapore

Source: bbc

If you have a habit to chew gums, don’t dare to visit Singapore for a long time since it is illegal to chew gums there. The reason behind it is that they want to keep their place clean.

6. The USA

Source: thepreparedninja

If you have some urgent urge to clean your neighbor’s car, kindly restrict yourself from doing so in Los Angeles, it is illegal.

7. Argentina

Source: brackenbury

Remember when siblings use to marry each other to keep their bloodline running? It is something that won’t be a problem today, and Argentina went to the extra step for ensuring this. Here, it is made illegal for two brothers/sisters to marry each other. WOW.

8. Africa

Source: teeveetee

In some of the places in Africa, it is very much crucial to ask permission from the government to watch the news. How will they be updated?

9. Samoa

Source: firstcry

It is forbidden to forget your wife’s birthday in Samoa. Okay, now a rule that should be driven in every country, say all the wives.

10. Denmark

Source: thecut

The government in Denmark has officially permitted a set of 7000 names. Everyone needs to name their child (or themselves) according to the particular name out of these 7000. If you want to name something out of these 7000 permitted names, you have to ask for permission. Another one from Denmark – women are not allowed to wear wigs here.

11. Budapest

Source: wallpapersmug

You can only and only have sex in dark in the country of Budapest. No comments!

12. Mexico

Source: rollingstone

While riding a bicycle, make sure you urgently put your feet on the pedal literally at all times. I mean, it is the law after all.

13. North Carolina

Source: t.k.c

Sorry, bad singers, North Carolina will not allow you to sing off-note.

14. Canada

Source: scconline

Canadians are not so much of noise-lovers. You can’t really make a loud noise in Canada and whistling is banned too. Wonder how our Punjabis settled there.

15. Australia

Source: theweddingplaybook

In Australia, disturbing a wedding or a funeral is a big deal. Yes, it is very much against the law. If you are found doing the disturbance at these events you will be charged a $10,000 fine or even two-year-long prison time.

16. Italy

Source: bestlife

You know some jokes could really hurt someone, especially the one where you tell a man that he has no balls. Bless Italy for making a standing law against it.

17. The UK

Source: medicalnewstoday

A pregnant woman is very much allowed to pee ANYWHERE, literally anywhere in the UK, even in a police men’s helmet! Good one UK.

18. Germany

Source: newsweek

In this country, it is perceived that it is human nature for a man to want to escape from a place, even from jail. Hence it is not punishable to escape from the prison. Not just in Germany, but also in Mexico, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Austria.

19. Cyprus

Source: drivingtests

If you like to do kinds of stuff like eating and drinking while driving a car, resist from visiting Cyprus.

20. Switzerland

Source: hgtv

Do all the pooping and peeing before 10 P.M. in Switzerland as flushing after this time is against the law.

21. France

Source: behance

You are not allowed to kiss on the train. Yes, yes, not even ‘French’ kiss. You can do all the kissing before the train arrives though.

22. India

Source: coconuts

In some states of India, if you are found pimping then you are punished, even if you are engaged in prostitution (mainly women). Well, well, well, are we still thinking that women can not have sex by their own choice? And men are the only force of action in prostitution? Come on!

Another one that is not funny, really. It is TOTALLY fine for a married partner to force the other partner for sex. Consent is not a thing in India if you are married.

23. Egypt

Source: ishr

Remember how there is a whole panel of requests for people to vote in various countries, Egypt doesn’t really request for it. It is compulsory to vote or else you are charged with a fine in Egypt.

These laws are funny, some are just plain stupid, and some are brutally WRONG (marital law in India – we are looking at you). What are some laws that you find funny? Or uhm, wrong?

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