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15 Weird Things That Rabbits Do!

Rabbits are the cutest pets one can have. Well, it is no news. But apart from being very loving, caring, and fascinating animals, they are quite weird as well. Some of their quirkiness will just make you laugh and the others will make you love them even more.

Now aren’t you already invested to know how adorably weird these little bun-buns are? Thought so!

Keep reading and find out 15 weird things that rabbits do that we all love

1. They eat their poop

weird things that rabbits do
Source: The Spruce Pets

Don’t gross out, it isn’t one of the bad habits they own, it is essential for their digestive system and for them to receive a good and enough amount of fibre and proteins since they are not able to fully absorb all these essentialities when food enters their body for the first time. The item they eat is called cecotropes.

2. Ears can turn 270 degree

Source: Twitter

Their long beautiful ears are not only one of their most prominent looking features but they also have major coordination with rabbits’ behaviors. They kind of regulate their body temperature via the help of their ears, since they don’t really sweat. And yes, they can turn to complete 270 degrees.

3. They “binky” when they are happy

Source: The Pets Dialogue

A rabbit’s dance is the most adorable and hysterical thing that you will ever see. Binky is somewhat their dance, to be clear, it is them jumping while pacing across the rooms. They do this when they are extremely happy and in a good mood. You will often find them do a binky when they are playing with you or the other rabbits.

4. Bunnies aren’t obsessed with carrots

Source: Squeaks and nibbles

Yes, yes, yes. So, if you adopt a little bunny, don’t just throw a bunch of carrots to them just because you saw this in a cartoon, and think their meal is done. Their staple includes hay and leafy greens. They do like carrots, but it is surely not their favorite food. The favorite food varies from rabbits to rabbits.

5. They are neither day-lover nor night-lover

Source: PetnPat

Rabbits are crepuscular, which means they are the most energetic and active in the time of dawn and dusk. In those particular times, they become quite alive and will try to seek and play with the other bunnies or with their owner. At rest hours, you will mostly find them stretched, sleeping, and nicely lazy.

6. They mark their territory, in a not so loveable way

Source: Lynwood Animal Hospital

Many animals have different techniques to mark their territory. In the case of rabbits, especially, when they find a new spot or step on your bed in the initial days, rabbits will mark their territory by, wait for it, peeing around (sometimes even pooping).

7. Bunnies have individual personality

Source: unsplash

If you saw a bunny online being immensely aggressive and then conceive the fact that all the rabbits have an aggressive persona, then you are highly mistaken. All the rabbits have different personalities. Some might be shy, some social, some active and some just love to sleep.

8. They spray to show love

Source: unsplash

Probably the weirdest one, male rabbits often spray their pee on their female partner to show them their love. This mostly happens after they mate. But this ‘spray’ doesn’t only eventuate upon the other female bunnies, male rabbits can also do so on their owners to tell them how much they love them.

9. Their favorite food keeps changing

Source: Bunny approved

Rabbits get bored easily. You would have to feed them different things at different intervals, such as their mood. However, it is important to ensure that they are achieving the right amount of nutrition in their body.

10. Bunnies are possessive of their spaces

Source: Unsplash

Like they mark their territory, bunnies also keep their places reserved. They would become grumpy and even possibly show their irritation if someone takes their ‘bed’ or their ‘bathroom.’

11. They explore like a sociopath

Source: Wallpaper access

Yes! If you didn’t know that rabbits are one of the most curious animals, then you don’t understand how adorable they are. They will continue to wiggle their tiny butts into small places and magically manage to come out of those too.

You will find them with a good amount of dirt on their faces and bellies, almost every day.

12. They seek attention in the most weirdest way

Source: The veterinary nurse

Rabbits are very social animals. They love their owners and other rabbits that accompany them. They have different methods to attain the needed attention. They will sometimes step on other rabbits while they are sleeping or can jump on their owners to achieve love.

Well, that is the cutest, isn’t it?

13. Their teeth are always growing

Source: Simplyrabbits

Yes, rabbits don’t have teeth that are bulging out of their mouths, as shown in films and animations. The truth is that they have open-rooted teeth which means their cute, little teeth continue to grow throughout their lifetime.

14. They sometimes sleep with their eyes wide open

Source: Squeaks and nibbles

Bunnies are prey animals, hence being alert is integrated into them. Whenever they feel even a slight wrap of danger, they keenly prepare themselves. Hence when they go to an unknown place or are around strange people, they often sleep with their eyes open.

15. They are particular about their water

Source: Celia Haddon

Rabbits will not drink water if it is served in a dirty bowl or if it is not clean. They are also very commanding of the temperature of the water that they are served. They would instantly repel the drink if it is too hot or too cold.

No matter how weird they might be, it is a fact that they are the cutest living creature.

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