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What are the Signs that May Convey your Skittishness?

The blaring of horns, the screeching of the harsh metal to the floor, the thudding of the hammer to the nail, lightning in the clouds….. URGHHH! Well, everyone hates these phenomena mentioned above, me especially but does this mean that I am skittish? Straight forward NO! For someone to be skittish, one must have to tick off certain specified characteristics in the list of the former.

The skepticism is level 101 with all the neurological disturbances like depression and anxiety. Well, skittishness is one ailment that has been added to this list of neurological distress. Let me be candid when I say that it’s your belief and impression that judges what actually ‘skittish’ means to you! Roll on to the examples below and relate what must be your intention.


Feel familiar?

  • Maybe you laugh hysterically at something so inconsequential that others think of you as a harlequin AND YOU DON’T WANT THAT.
  • Did you just lose your blood pressure and had to run for the hospital from the fear of an important office presentation you needed to give? Duh…
  • Yeah! Your partner needs space but that is the threshold of your doubts and irrelevant thoughts.
  • Emotional attachments… You don’t want a PANIC ATTACKKKK…
  • Sweating a lot in public for no reason.
  • Horror entertainment is not the cup of your tea.
  • Spooky to the extent where you actually doubt your existence.

Well, the list could go on endlessly when the authentic biological concepts are considered. But all of these things are more on the negative aspects of society.

Don’t stress yourself with a mere scare that made you jump your bed. The reasons are beyond physical and mental control. For any conclusion for us to reach, the sense of differentiation of extent must be there. It’s just like the tingling effects. Some feel it too hard, some scantily, and some just don’t. A skittish person feels too much and sometimes to the magnitude where one loses his/her control from the auricles and nerves.

The scorning of signs of skittishness may be very toxic. Keep the instinct up!


Some common signs of skittishness:

  1. Continuous panic attacks
  2. Anxiety
  3. Hormonal turnovers
  4. Susceptible to scares and spooked easily. (A normal human wouldn’t be this gullible)
  5. Losing control over the body
  6. Too much sweating
  7. Sleepless nights
  8. Over-thinking

The symptoms have no full stop.

A man today is what he becomes from his experienced past. So, you being skittish has to have no absolute reasons. Mostly, it’s from the deep-driven events in life that have blotted into the mind. In most cases, people know why they behave in a certain situation but few exist who are utterly oblivious of their fears and its consequences. Well, the latter needs to TRING the bell in the head to know better.

People have gone mad! Yeah, it’s true. But you know what, the world only knows havoc. We live in a world where depression is belied as madness. Ironically, violence depicts sensibility. So, if you are skittish, take a deep breath and refer a psychiatrist.

P.S. – Not all cases require a run to a doctor. But for extreme cases, you must also look for a psychoanalyst as an option.

As a child, you loved the imagination of jumping from the terrace to wish for webs coming out of you like Spider-Man, but now you know how many bones you’ll crack as a consequence. Likewise, being skittish is not a problem and more a reflex. You do what you have always known. Did you know that every other creature, including animals and insects, can be skittish too?

any creature can be skittish

Conclusions have revealed that the dramatic environment is more of an outstanding rationale for the patterns of neurological disorders.

If not checked and ignored skittishness, it could reach the intensity where people could even have the urgency to behave unnaturally and totally aberration from normal behaviour. You can be irrelevant sometimes but not senseless. And if you feel yourself going out of control and losing to oblivion, look for help!

taking control

Let go of the dogmatic comments and concepts. Nothing is as important as your mental health and peace. If you are or you know anyone feeling extreme skittish, help and convince them to get better by helping themselves.


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