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What to Wear On A First Date?

Isn’t the first date quite nerve-wracking? You stress out several times for a million things. You panic over everything, thinking whether your date will go right. One of the biggest concerns is undoubtedly your choice of clothes and the overall look that you display. It is believed that clothes tell a lot about a person, and people tend to read them based on their choice of outfit. Thus, you need to make a statement with your chosen outfit so that your date’s eyes are stuck on you, admiring your presence the entire time.

One thing to be understood is that your outfit choice will change as per the venue and the timings of the date. It will not be impressive if you wear a pair of casual jeans to a dinner date and black midi dress to a coffee date. It sounds more like a date blunder!

For the first date, make sure you don’t overdo it. Make sure you are clad in garbs that make you look elegant and flawless. Furthermore, you must stay confident and comfortable in your outfit. Don’t force yourself to wear something that is not up to your standards or comfort level.

So don’t worry, pondering over your date attire because we have got your back. Sit back and read along to find just the perfect outfit for your date.

1) Brunch Date

Brunch as a first date
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Don’t go wearing a sophisticated maroon dress for your 11 AM brunch date. You don’t wish to look intimidating on your first date, right? A brunch date look should be creative, artistic and kind of funky. Wear light makeup and sexy hoops to match your attire.

You can choose to wear a funky crop top with ripped jeans. It is the most winning and easy outfit that will help you achieve a significant look. The funky-ness can be added by a top that has a dauntless colour pattern or rash quotes written all over it. With this, get overly tattered jeans to bring out the best look possible. The other outfit idea for a brunch date is a cool t-shirt dress. This dress is prominent in fashion today. Wear a messy bun with cat eye makeup to complement your attire.

2) Coffee Date

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If your first date is getting coffee, you should go for something cute, plain, straightforward, yet fab. Trust me; you don’t need bold highlights or clothes to appear for the coffee date. Just be comfy in whatever you wear.

Wearing an off-shoulder ruffle frock will make you look dinky and adorable on your coffee date. With this, wear glossy lipstick and wedge heels to look exceedingly good. The other outfit suggestion would be a lace tank top with a pair of shorts. Drop your blunt tunes and raise your vibrancy with a very trendy lace tank top and low-rise short pants or simply a pair of shorts. Pair this chic and casual look, and you will appear gorgeous for your coffee date.

3) Evening Date

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Evening dates as a first date are mostly the trickiest ones. You get confused about whether to look casual or spirited. Well, don’t you worry. Here are some suggested outfits that will make your evening date look a hundred per cent win.

A bustier top paired with a skirt will be a good choice for your evening date. This bold top is enough for you to shine like a star on your evening date. Pair it with a skirt to attain the best look. Tie your hair into a high ponytail if you have long hair, or clutch it with a cute tic-tac clutcher if your hair is short.

If you are not in the mood to wear a skirt and bustier top, go ahead with a jumpsuit of any pattern. Remember when jumpsuits were the go-to outfit for any outing? It still manages to be in vogue, just like the old days. Wear a jumpsuit to give yourself a sophisticated and spunky style to carry on the evening date.

4) Dinner Date

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Dinner dates are meant for unleashing your inner diva. Wear bold makeup with an emphasis on eye makeup to look bold and hot. Your first date will be a success if you’re feeling great. And how do you feel great? By looking the part. For your first dinner date, wear a well-fitting dress or something that you’re comfortable in and makes you feel sexy.

Tulip skirt dress is in trend, and there is no going wrong with this if you were to wear it on your first date. You can choose to wear silhouette sandals or even normal-edged heels to complete the look. If you like being experimental and daring with outfits, then choose a jacket to wear with a long casual maxi dress. You can awaken and embrace the queen within you with this dress.

In Conclusion

So experiment with the above suggestions and go on your first date wearing your perfect outfit. However, don’t forget that being your true confident self is what matters the most. No matter how clichéd it sounds, just be yourself and charm your date with your true personality! Happy first date!

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