Books9 Reasons Why Paulo Coelho Is One Of The Best Writers

9 Reasons Why Paulo Coelho Is One Of The Best Writers

With more than 1,000,000 books being published per year, it is quite a quest to select the bestsellers, the best writers, the highly absurd books, and so on. But most importantly, it is crucial to choose the book that has the mileage to win the most hearts. That is where Paulo Coelho comes in!

A good writer manages to capture and project a beautiful story in a book. A best-selling book must have the power to communicate with the readers, and must not be created with the sole intention to gain popularity in the market.

Stories that are unique and compelling to the readers can make a difference in people’s way of thinking are worthy enough to be the best. Moreover, it is only the best of the writers who can compose a worthy book. And as mentioned before, here enters Paulo Coelho, one of the best writers today. Don’t agree? Here is a series of arguments to suggest why Paulo Coelho is one of the best writers today.

9 Reasons Why Paulo Coelho Is One Of The Best Writers

1. Paulo Coelho’s Books Are More Than Just Stories

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Paulo Coelho is what we call a gem and, he is definitely one of a kind in the field of writing. His works speak more than just a mere tale. It tells you heights of morality, it gives you hope, it gifts you something to hold on to, it will overwhelm you with pleasure, and it will provide you with a chance to be aghast with surrealism.

2. His Words Possess Magic

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This Brazil based author works with practicality in the circle of spirituality. Coelho’s writing style is quite refreshing and not-so-conventional, definitely in a good way. His stories are exquisitely designed in words that come across as magical. He has a format that he sticks to, which is alluring in many ways.

3. He Is The Author Of The Alchemist

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I win right here with this argument. The Alchemist is a story, which stays deeply engraved in every avid reader’s heart and mind. I am going to leave it just here because much of a description is not required when it comes to this book.

4. His Works Are Always Interesting

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As you read along with the chapters of his books, you will get more and more drawn into his storytelling style. You will find new meanings disguised in every line of his books. There is something about Paulo Coelho’s works that directs your whole attention into it. His books are highly recommended to people who are only beginning their journey as readers.

5. He Is A Teacher

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All his books are based on moral values and often signify the importance of believing in oneself. His statements about the fundamental realities of life are mind boggling. You will learn novel perceptions and develop a mature outlook towards life and yourself. In simpler words, Coelho gives you something via his stories – the best of all gifts.

6. He Will Make You A Believer

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As the previous point suggests, Coelho gives something to his readers, a belief. His perception about faith in life, and the flourishing sense of hope in heart will provide you with a chance to believe in the power of the universe, and realize the fact that it has got your back, no matter what.

7. His Books Are Uniquely Written

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While The Alchemist remains to be his best-marketed book, all his other works are just as deserving to be read. Every story is different and carries a message that needs to be told. While his book Veronika Decides to Die explores the notion of suicidal thoughts and the ways to overcome one’s fear of life, Coelho’s other book Eleven Minutes makes the readers experience erotica and romance genres (without any vulgarity, I must add, unlike other erotica-themed books, not that there’s any shame in that) in a single book. All his books are special in their ways.

8. Simple, Yet Captivating Writing

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A good writer knows how to tell, a brilliant writer knows how to communicate, and Paulo Coelho is one of the brilliant writers. He never uses heavy vocabulary or tries to overdo his writing. He is simply a SIMPLE storyteller. Therefore, his writings have attracted millions of reading enthusiasts.

9. An Inspiration

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Paulo Coelho was once called crazy and a freak, as all the geniuses are usually called in the beginning of their career by the blind, conformist society. His attitude about taking a stand made him gain this label, but he never let it bother him or his journey towards achieving his dreams. Even today, he is extremely criticized for his strong viewpoints.

Once a classic hippie, this man has fought his battles over time. Thus, he rightfully deserves all the fame he has acquired today.

We are all different individuals, and everyone has varied ideas and models of thought. It is only natural for people to feel attracted to distinct works of art. Paulo Coelho may or may not be your favourite, but no one can deny his powerful writings, which definitely makes him one of the best writers of the time.

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