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Write Well and Make an Impressive Statement

The other day my friend and I were talking, rather reflecting on the practice of writing letters or something of that sort. 

But when it actually came to sending the letter I was very reluctant. The reason you ask? Well being a writer I was hell bent on writing for my clients but not for myself. 

Truly I become lachrymose on entering this stage of my life and setting forth into this generation, where gizmos spend more time in our hands than an actual pen. 

Well being a millennial is not actually that cool. 

Let’s circle the various reasons why you won’t be writing.

Why Won’t You Write?

Most people that I encounter in my writing circle, have confessed to holding onto their book for later. Other times they are not so sure about it. 

girl writing

A dear writer friend of mine, asked me whether or not I would write for myself? 

There was a long pause before I could answer the question. I thought to myself and well thought again. I came up with a ‘No’. 

We are all caught up in writing for others, writing papers, writing for the school, writing for the magazine or not writing at all, that we forget to write for ourselves.

Sad isn’t it?

There are things that are essential for writing: time, willingness, dedication, consistency and patience. All of these which we as a ‘progressive bunch’ lack. 

The art of journal writing or letter writing have just been reduced to a fancy Instagram coffee table aesthetic. Very few actually pursue it. if you wish, check out how to begin with journal writing here.

The pictures with a fancy pen and an even more delicate book turns out really good. But what good if it’s all just for the camera? Our generation skipped the ‘dear diary’ phase all together. 

person writing

Then there are writers who run after money and keep on writing for their clients and projects. 

Only a meager amount are able to pursue their actual inner zeal. 

So if you set in a corner to question yourself, ‘why I won’t write’, you definitely come up with excuses as listed above. 

Consistency, my friend and patience too! 

Hell won’t freeze over if you just sit and write for 10 minutes as day. 

Fear of Rejection

Many of us procrastinate writing because of the fear of rejection. This is pretty normal. But it should actually be one of the reasons why you are not writing. 

Aa an art, writing is an agency through which our thoughts can be made permanent. A painstaking task like writing if added some aids will obviously help. Check out the 10 sensational ways to upgrade your writing here. 

how to write

But most of what we read about writing ironically won’t force you to sit down and actually right. Nothing is powerful enough to pursue you to write. 

It should come from within. 

Fear of rejection shouldn’t hamper your creative skills or stop you from writing altogether. If you are that concerned about what people would opine; simply keep your writing to yourself. 

Don’t make it public if you are even minorly affected by the negative reviews or some backlash. 

That Grammar

Not all of us have that strong a hold on grammar and punctuation. But those who do, shouldn’t mock others. 

If you are able to do smart word play or entice your readers with your words; teach the others how to weave the same magic.

graphic of writing

If you as a writer feel that you lag behind in grammar knowledge, get back to the basics and begin from scratch. 

Educate others. Even more important is the need to ask for help. 

Writing is not that tedious task if your basic grammar knowledge is on point. 

Asking  for Help

Even professional writers are vulnerable to a lot of criticism. It tags along with the job. If you feel that you have been receiving too much backlash or your writing has lost its flavor, then straightaway ask for help. 

Reach out to a mentor. Be open to learning.

coffee and notebook

Writing and Rewriting

All those writers who produce those stupendous works of writing, are never done with a single draft. There are tons of rewritings that lead to the final copy. Even if you are writing for yourself, correct your mistakes and take notes for the next time. Improve and make your writings thorough and be persistent. 

Here patience is key. 

Lack of Patience

All writers can agree that putting thoughts on paper can be time consuming. 

You would have to go through constant rewrites and add in improvements as well. Patience plays a major role here. 

fortune cookie

As it is thoughts get clouded with the slightest of disturbance; losing cool mid way will be counterproductive. 

To Write or Type?

This is a dilemma that most beginners face. To write or to type is the actual question! An easy solution is to try your hand at both.  

See for yourself what works best. 

We listed out for you the most common difficulties that writers face. Hope that some of the solutions they come along with, help you to begin with writing. Click here if you as a beginner would like some quick tips on writing.
Tell us in the comments about the most common writing difficulty you face. 

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