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Yoga Workshops In Rishikesh: A Retreat To The Holy Woods

These days you cannot run for 5 km without running into yoga workshops or a studio. It has become a trend to buy a pastel yoga mat and stretchy yoga pants and practice sun salutation with a bunch of people in a fancy garden.

We aren’t talking about Yoga today because it is a good excuse to buy a colorful yoga mat, we are here to learn Yoga when you are on a trip to the Northern Part of India, especially the yoga workshops in Rishikesh.

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Rishikesh, also known as the land of Yogis, is easily accessible from the national capital of India – Delhi, a cacophony of colours, people, and animals everywhere. This place is quite famous for its yoga retreat and witnesses thousands of tourists flocking this holy place every year. Some visit it for its carved temples; some come here to find peace, and most of them come here to experience the life of a yogi and find a purpose in life.

When you first visit Rishikesh, you will find yourself engrossed in the world of yoga workshops and ashrams. It can be pretty confusing to choose the most suitable one. Although there are many effective yoga workshops in Rishikesh, Iyengar Yoga Workshop is one of them.

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Iyengar Yoga Workshop

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Iyengar yoga is popular for its asanas, and pranayamas (body postures and breathing exercises) can be a bit challenging for a newbie. At yoga centers, they make sure that your Body first fully adjusts and aligns in a safe position before beginning the regular classes.

You can go for the 5 or 10-day yoga workshops in Rishikesh, which consists typically of philosophy classes, yoga practice classes, and classes on anatomy every day.

You will easily find hotels to stay near theses ashrams. Few of them even offer stay–in facilities for additional costs.

Spiritual Teachings And Meditation Sessions

Workshops focusing on these have a simple and straightforward motive. They are dedicated to teaching, the classical forms of Yoga, and improve the mental, physical and spiritual health of a being.

Most of them come with yoga vacation packages, where there are regular yoga sessions, meditation activities, Vegetarian food, and spiritual teaching classes. They even undertake pieces of training for intermediate yoga students to become yoga teachers.

Yoga And Ayurveda

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They have several courses for Yoga and learning Ayurveda. These ashrams or Yoga centers generally offer yoga retreats and various other healing programs.

The particular course includes regular yoga sessions followed by the teaching of Ayurveda, its benefits, and some of its secrets by some skilled Ayurveda doctors.

The centres offering such yoga workshops in Rishikesh generally have 20-25 people in a session, and single room occupancy is available for each one of them. They also provide three special ayurvedic meals for medicinal healings.

Budget – These kinds of yoga workshops or programs usually start from $750 (without accommodation) and go up to $4000 (with accommodation) depending on the number of days you decide to stay. Online classes starting from $400 can also be taken up.

How to reach – As Rishikesh is a pretty famous tourist destination, it is well connected through flights, cab services, and bus networks from Dehradun, New Delhi, and Haridwar.

Once you land in Delhi, you can easily take the next flight for the Jolly grant (Dehradun), which is around 40 km away from Rishikesh.

There are a lot of trains on this route. Get down at Haridwar and take a bus or cab for Rishikesh.

Self-driven cars are also a good option. This gives freedom to stop anywhere and even take a night halt at Mussoorie and Dehradun to enjoy its scenic beauty.

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Self-driven cars are also a good option. This gives freedom to stop anywhere and even take a night halt at Mussoorie and Dehradun to enjoy its scenic beauty.

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